37 Replies to “-Yakety Sax- Music”

  1. Omg I finally found it!why is it so funny to me?I like watching leather face chainsaw chase a bitch to this song

  2. A crackhead drove his car through the main entrance of our mall here and drove around in circles. It sucks he didn't blast this song at max volume

  3. Imagine this is playing while we see all the scenarios where The avengers failed fighting Thanos 😂😂

  4. *Finds a frying pan*
    Me: Alright, time to chase some people around with this thing!
    Whole town: *Screaming in terror*

  5. I saw this on infinitelooper as 3rd most looped Video… out of curiosity I landed here and I am kinda surprised why on earth anyone should loop THIS song

  6. when you download a modpack for minecraft so large, your system nearly gets brought to its knees because you don't have enough RAM

  7. 0.25: A horror movie
    0.5: what you might hear in a strip club or something, or a 1920's saloon
    0.75: elevator music
    1.25: 1940's cartoon theme
    1.5: LSD trip

    2: HELL

  8. Holy fuck I remember watching il2 sturmovik fails, and there was a tb3. 2 engines on, 2 off, and it was spiraling down to the ground, making a spiral its its chemtrails, as well as a tbf avenger falling off a carrier

  9. Typed "song when people are running around in cartoons" into google. That was much easier than I expected.

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