Vlog #1 리듬스토어에 가다! (ENG)

I don’t know if it’s working. Nice to meet you. Today, I will go to a drum shop in Korea. With this guy He is a good drummer, too! Hi. Nice to meet you. I’m in Yangjae, Seoul now I went to an acquaintance’s place I’m on my way to the rhythm store. Later, I’ll go to that place I will take it on another video. Now let’s go to the rhythm store Now, we’re almost at the rhythm store. It’s a little far from where we were I’m too weak for walking Yak it’s dazzling A few month ago I’ve got cover video. One ok rock- Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer and One more song We’re in front of the rhythm store where we made a good video I’m too weak for walking Rhythm Store : Good instruments at a better price. There’s a mark on the car, too! cute ahha OH MY Drum Teacher is here permission to shoot Annyeonghaseyo Annyeonghaseyo Annyeonghaseyo I can test playing Snack , Coffee , Tea Infinite provision lol.. How many snare drums are here It’s dazzling because of that Cymbals (PIKA PIKA) Excuse me Can i test? Oh good good What a nice twinpedal. So fast We can test all of Earphone (Expensive) and headphone (Expensive) A bright personality HAHAHA Be careful not to be disturbed kk Coffee Time Cute bell is here haha Drink coffee In front of snare drums (Usually can’t do it) OMG It’s delicious it tastes good A lot of sticks here I found what i want!! (Red) What? Half Red? I love RED Congratulations~ ?? What is it? Gift kk Celebrating 4,500 subscribers!! Thank you for the souvenir +_+ Please use the rhythm store a lot Bring one more kkkk One more haha 1+1 Thank you, thank you. Thank you. Please subscribe to the rhythm store channel!! Like taking care of your children on a holiday. Rhythm store fighting!! Thank you. I’ll visit again. Goodbye How was the rhythm store today? Great! Please love the rhythm store. R H Y T H M S T O R E Very good. they gave me a gift! See you next video. I’ll finish my first vlog. Dazzling!

22 Replies to “Vlog #1 리듬스토어에 가다! (ENG)”

  1. Yaaaaaasss been waiting for this. Fighting simmiebaluuut! 💓💓 Waaah so many gifts for our simmiezombie ❤️❤️

  2. 와 유튜버 다 되셨당 ㅋㅋㅋ
    유튜버에다가 인기쟁이 드러머 심지어 귀엽고 멋있기까지😊

  3. why is there only few people around? 😅 just curious..
    minsan lang magkaganyan sa Philippines kapag laban lang ni peoples champ Manny Pacquiao 😆 anyway I also want to visit rythm store someday 🤗

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