UHF Radios vs VHF Radios

welcome to to a direct the first step in
choosing a two-way radio for your business is determining which frequency band you
should be on. UHF or VHF. The first question you want to
ask yourself is do I need these new radios to work with
any existing radios? if you do need the new radios to work with
any existing radios be sure to select a radio with the same
frequency band you are already on to ensure compatibility if you don’t
know which frequency band you are be sure to give us a call like 888-742-5893 so we can look it up for you. If you
don’t need the new radios to work any existing radios then you’ll want to make sure that you choose the optimal frequency band for your application UHF radios are going to penetrate through
walls and objects the best, whereas VHF it’s going to give you better coverage in an open environment with line-of-sight
communication. Two Way Direct offers free programming with the purchase of any new
two-way radio whether you need us to match these up with existing radios or if you just need the new radios to work with each other we’ve got you covered. shop safely securely with confidence at twowaydirect.com

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  1. Clear as mud. 20 minutes wouldn't even begin to cover the plethora of varables that MUST be factored in, in this never ending debate. The only answer to distance in a given area is REPEATERS. I have a mobile repeater system that we set up when working on sites out west and our coverage is INSANE… but simplex HT to HT comms cannot even begin to touch the 25W repeater system.. There's never a perfect band so that's why in some situations we are forced to jump back and forth between UHF and VHF for HT to HT comms…

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