Ugreen TWS Earbuds Review – V-shape sound, AAC, Bluetooth 5.0, nice budget HiFi stereo for starter

Hey guys, check out my latest True Wireless
Bluetooth Earbuds by Ugreen. It is loaded with Bluetooth 5.0, touch control, auto pairing,
HiFi stereo, 18 hours playtime and mini in size. Budget yet performing? Let’s find
out together… Everything comes well-protected. Once taken
out the earphones, there are micro USB charging cable, additional 2 pairs of silicon eartips
(S & L) and user manual to get you started. A very compact charging case as you can see.
Glossy with black in colour. Ease to carry around no doubt.
Ugreen earbuds build quality is decent thanks to sturdy plastic housing. Matte surface with
relatively tiny in size. Ultra-compact and light in weight indeed. There are touch-able
multi-function button, LED light indicator and microphone on top of it. And charging
points at the bottom. As for fitting, it is comfortable to wear
for long hour. Just pick the correct ear tips size will do. Yes, it stays securely while
exercising and jogging. No worry about dropping it at all since it’s so light. Lastly, it
has decent noise isolation. It can block some of the environment noises while music is being
playback. Great Bluetooth range for true wireless earphones.
Ugreen earbuds can go up to 7m with obstacles like walls. Connection is very stable. Furthermore,
AAC audio codec is supported and have lower latency than the usual SBC codec. Audio and
video are virtually in-sync that great for movie, games and so on. By the way, you can
use it as stereo or mono as you wish. Based on specs, you can enjoy up to 3 hours
of music playback. Up to 18 hours of listening with the charging case. Enough for your daily
activities. In addition, there is battery indicator status on iOS and Android devices
as well. Great to know when to charge it. By the way, it is loaded with phone call ability
too. Microphone performance is great. Others can hear me loud and clear.
Ugreen TWS sounds decent for the price. It has V-shape sound signature that brings more
exciting listening experience. You get sharper treble and much more bass in return. It surely
brings a lot of excitements especially on the bass department. No worry, it is still
well in control not overloaded or bloated. Soundstage wise is narrow however. Everything
is close to your ears. So it might be a bit noisy on complex scene.
In short, Ugreen earbuds are great for those who love V-shape sound. A nice budget TWS
for starter. Do get yours with the link at below. See ya…

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  1. Thanks for the review. Link to buy doesnt work. How much is it in SGD? May I listen to just the Left or just the Right earbuds at any one time?

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