TV Interview – Julia & David on Radio Canada (English Subtitle)

You are gonna speak about a love story that is not only
a love story but also a fascinating story from the web. Yes. They met each other thanks to the web. I met them and
I need to admit that I also fell in love with them. His name is David Michaud and he is from Warwick, Québec Canada.
He is a multi-instrumentalist who got famous on the web. His videos have been watched 77 millions times. Her name is Julia Westlin from Sweden. She is a musician and a singer. They met each other thanks to internet and now they are both making music
together. They are in love and they produce music from home in Warwick. Let’s watch our first meeting with them. The scene of David MeShow is mostly on the web and this
is also where he met his pretty Swedish girl, Julia Westlin. The musician is a star on internet where
he got popular for his guitar videos. With 77 millions views from all around the world,
David is well known even in Sweden. Even Julia’s father knew David since many years. It’s the brother of the
charming Swedish girl who forced her to watch a video of David. Right after watching his videos for the first time, Julia wants to meet
David and he felt the same when he first heard Julia’s music. It was Love at first sight. Through their respective
style of music, they meet half way. Through the music of all musicians, we can feel something
in their music, but it’s not always so clear. It’s hard to explain but I felt that her music was speaking
to me. I quickly felt that I already knew her. Julia left Sweden, her native country to join David in the countryside of Québec. Since two years, the lovers are living in Warwick where David has built a
complete studio to give them the chance to continue creating all their ideas. Both artists have different projects but they also like to create together.
They compose, write, film and produce their own music videos. Julia always wrote her own original music but got discovered a lot more
since she upload famous songs using her own personal style. The couple often receive offers from people who
wish to manage their music career. It’s with patience that David and Julia are waiting for good opportunities. What is important
for them is to be together and to continue their career on internet. As long as we can continue this way, we are happy. We don’t have
any limit. Like we often hear, the sky is the limit ! With an angel, the sky is the limit ! Exactly ! Exactly ! Please take some time and go on their Youtube pages because you will love it. They are cute
and great. What a voice she has ! Ho ! Beautiful ! She’s an angel ! We are gonna take a look then. Thank you for introducing them
to us. Really interesting ! Yeap ! bye bye !

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  1. Wow super !! Vous etes chez nous au quebec ! Ca me flatte lol j'aaaadooorrre tout vos videos !! David t'est chanceux !! πŸ˜‰. Pour tout vous dire on a besoin de gens comme vous pour nous faire oublier nos petits tracas de tout les jours en vous ecoutant !! Les reprises que vous faite son meilleurs que les originaux !! A mon avis bien sur lol. Continuez on aime ca ! Mettez des videos toutes les semaines je ne me lasse pas !!

    Wow great !! You are at home in quebec! It flatters me lol I looooovveee all your videos !! David you are lucky !! πŸ˜‰. To be honest we need people like you to make us forget our worries of every day by listening to you !! The cover that you made her better than the original !! In my opinion of course lol. Keep it like that! Put videos every week I do not get tired !!

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