Tuxedo – Toast 2 Us (Feat. Benny Sings) // Tuxedo III

breaking darling please understand this is one plane up the Kiwis any actor it's not baby La Fleur for you in the sexy show baby my supposed to every enjoy maybe what I do like to stay and I'll be back soon so give any left just very good forget about the time that I wasn't there just if we make it better

41 Replies to “Tuxedo – Toast 2 Us (Feat. Benny Sings) // Tuxedo III”

  1. Same excitement each time getting new music from Mayer.

    Been here since "Strange Arrangement", no reason to leave 🙂 A really smooth and soothing track, nice!

  2. Niiiiiice! You gentlemen put something together here that sounds a twist of Debarge, a pinch of Isley Brothers and a touch of Hip Hop. Jake one and Mayer Hawthorne, together are a musical specialty. I can play anything involving Mayer on loop. Well done Tuxedo. Well done Sirs.👍👍

  3. I feel bad that at the beginning I thought I wasn't going to like it just cause it starts slow… I'm grooving and funking to it. I've already listened like 5x+.
    🎶without you how am I supposed to live…🎶 let's hope tuxedo keeps going on and on, need their funk

  4. The tempo of the song and soultry sounds makes me want to rub lotion on my chest and eat chocolate covered strawberries

  5. Dope jam!!! This sounds almost like Glenn Jones- I’ve Been Searching jam…you’ll thank me later 😎

  6. Real good song !
    If you listen carefully, it is almost the same chords as "Notorious Big – Big Poppa" song 👌

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