Transgender Girl Band: Singer Creating America’s First Transgender Music Act

NIKKI: I sometimes call myself Magaganey, because I’m a mixture of Madonna, Gaga, Britney – all in one. COMM: Singer Nikki Exotika is on a mission to form America’s first transgender pop group which she’ll call The Secret Girls. NIKKI: The Secret Girls would be a mixture between The Pussycat Dolls and The Spice Girls with a transgender twist. The world has seen transgender models, transgender actresses,
transgender activists, transgender book writers, but no transgender music artists like that
went mainstream. NIKKI: I think America is past ready for The Secret Girls. COMM: 32-year-old Nikki, born Jason Torres, transitioned in her teens, and has since spent
a quarter of a million dollars on plastic surgery. Including breast implants, lip enhancements,
calf implants, and rhinoplasty. NIKKI: Two years old, I knew that something was just wrong, I was putting on makeup in the bathroom and putting nail polish on my nails, always sitting down to pee. COMM: Performing from the age of eight and having been a professional singer since 2006,
Nikki has been waiting for the right time to launch The Secret Girls. NIKKI: I’ve been trying to do this since I was 23. At that time, it wasn’t ready yet.
I had to wait until the right time came along y’know? COMM: And Nikki has the full support of boyfriend Jay. JAY: No matter what she’s been through in her life, she keeps on pursuing her dreams.
It’s what she wants to do and what she wants to pursue, I’m 100% behind her, I think that
she should follow it, put her all into it and just never give up. I think she’s amazing. NIKKI: Hi!
RENEE: Hi! How are you? COMM: Now the time is right, Nikki is ready to start auditions with the help of vocal
coach Renee. RENEE: Nicole’s a beautiful soul, she’s very passionate about her music, I think it’s about
time that Secret Girls is actually happening, she’s been talking about it forever. RENEE: It sounded really good. COMM: And Nikki knows just what she’s looking for. NIKKI: I want girls of different races because it’ll grab the attention of those fans. The
Latin fans, the black fans, the Asian fans of all around the world. Everyone: Hi! COMM: Today in New York City, Mimi has been invited to the auditions to see if she has
what it takes to be a Secret Girl. MIMI: “Spirit to fight” MIMI: I never thought that I would be able to actually be an artist because of being
trans, I didn’t think anybody would take me seriously so when this opportunity came about
then I thought it was a very good chance to put myself out there. COMM: So, how do they think the audition has gone? RENEE: Again, hit it and…”Laaaa” Gorgeous! Well it sounded really good, I think there’s
definitely a good blend, I can see the chemistry, you guys really sound really great together. RENEE: In my professional opinion I think that there is tons of potential. MIMI: I think it could have gone a little better, but I also think that I got my point
across talent wise, I’m definitely interested to see what the end result will be. NIKKI: She’s got a really beautiful voice, she’s like pretty much one of the first girls that I would choose, but I can’t make a decision until I audition all the hopefuls. COMM: And as she prepares to take her auditions nationwide, Nikki is feeling positive. NIKKI: I’m very excited what the future holds, because it shows me that there are beautiful
trans women that are talented, that have voices and we need to be heard.

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  1. this is all rubbish for me. I am me. I am neither male nor female. I am a hybrid, another gender. I don't need to wear make up and frilly gurly clothes to be me. I know who I am. That is all that matter to me. What is between my legs is my own business not yours. xJes

  2. Did this group ever happen it is 2015 now about to be 2016. Is the Black lady MiMi in the group that auditioned first? is she single? lol. Okay, but what about the group?

  3. And it knew ALL this at 2 years old…? A 2 year old can hardly compile full sentences yet nor run without falling over… And this man knew he was a girl at 2 years old…. No wonder he wasn't aware at 7 months… God!!

  4. hello my name is jasmine leilani .. i am a dancer / singer from England ( UK ) i would love to be a secret girl .. i have Facebook if you wish to contact me ( jasmine leilani Carmen butt ) hope to hear from you 🙂 PS half Italian x

  5. I'm totally for Transgender people, but how can you know who you are as a gender at just 2years old. Your brain isn't developed enough to be able to remember life then.

  6. her boyfriend is not gay cuz gay men like man only nd what's under ur pants dosnt com first face nd her feminity does

  7. I bet most people who subscribed to this channel are demoKKKrat voters. If I had a quarter for every gender there is I had 50 cents.

  8. she is way too old to make it big. lets be real. girls start their careers at 18 and anyone over 25 whom isn't already famous just is not going to make it

  9. Dudes that feel like women and expect the rest to celebrate and glorify their delusion or they'll call you transphobic, this is the kind of garbage that youtube endorses now, I bet this video haven't been demonetizaed like the rest.

  10. This is mental illness. I never really gave it much thought before, but I am getting it now. Its v ery obvious they are not physically well either.

  11. There is already whole bunch of secretly transgender music artists! The whole hellywood is bunch of tranies with inverted genders! All satanic! now you are trying to brainwash people with your sick satanic gender reversal transgender. It is an abomination to God and they trans people will not enter the kingdom of God.

  12. These people need psychological help not platitudes there's a reason why 87% of those change their gender commit suicide they are trying to fix something that is in their mind not their body just like any other mentally ill person that cuts and mutilates themselves for whatever reason these people need help psychological help

  13. 30+ years is way to old to start singing in a "pop group" plus they sound terrible and Nikki isn't pretty enough, Mimi is hella pretty though. I could see Mimi doing something more Hollywood related.

  14. Omg don't you know how many other trans bands are already out there, do some research. You're way too late, decades too late!

  15. I hate how in every video of trans people, the comments are filled with people commenting on how they look. That's not even what this video is about. Transitioning is difficult and it's not always as easy as a snap of the fingers to look more feminine/masculine/etc. Don't be so shallow.

  16. okay so the more a trans woman trys to look like a woman by fake nails, fancy hair, makeup, dress and heels gives it away more that your a man as it looks like your trying to cover up something by being so highmaintenance by touching your hair and perfecting everything on yourself all the time. if you wanna look like a lady don't go to far as most man woman's do. keep simple, like
    just plain 1 natural colour nail polish or just plain nails , leggings or skinny jeans, a tincy bit of makeup just a little cover up, no surgery, no accessories, and a normal like red dress or singlet or just a plain jersey. nothing to fancy.

  17. 2 years old she knew something was wrong? C'mon, 2? I respect it, do ur thing boo, but no need to lie about little stuff

  18. I have mirror touch synestesia, I can feel the shape that people not me, the shape of their nerves, and the sensations, I can feel
    this is really cool

  19. I don't know why their playing games with this documentary knowing damn well just about everybody in hollywood the music industry the modeling industry and so forth are transgenders. Their just trying to throw us off with these interviews

  20. Why do journalists must list the procedures done when it comes to trans women. Talk about reducing us to a list of procedures that "make us" trans women. Ugh! We are more than our surgeries.

  21. There are TONS of transgender musicians and bands in and around the main stream. This one is by NO means "the first". It's presumptuous for her (or anyone) to think they WILL be "A main stream success". That achievement is based on record sales. Five years later and (still) no one has heard of them. So much for vapid hubris.

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