Top U.S. & World Headlines — May 15, 2019

welcome to democracy now the war and peace report I'm Amy Goodman Alabama's legislature has just passed the most restrictive abortion ban in the country the law effectively bans all abortions doctors could face life in prison prefer porting the procedure the law does not make exceptions for rape or incest the only exception lawmakers voted for is cases in which the pregnant person's health is at serious risk the bill which was already approved in the house last month now heads to the desk of the Republican anti-choice governor KIV she has not yet indicated if she'll support such drastic legislation the bill is expected to face multiple legal challenges have signed supporters of the bill say they'll hope it ends up in the Supreme Court and lead to the eventual reversal of row v Wade democratic state senator vivian Figueres one of four women serving in the chamber introduced an amendment that would criminalize vasectomies arguing there are no laws regulating men's bodies it was defeated we'll have more on the ongoing attack on reproductive rights around the country later in the broadcast the state departments ordered all non-emergency personnel to evacuate the US Embassy and consulate in Iraq the orders in response to what the White House says is a threat linked to Iran through though no further details were given Iraqi officials expressed skepticism about any purported threats as did a senior British official who's the deputy commander of the american-led coalition fighting the Islamic state tensions between the u.s. and Iran have continued to mount over recent days despite both parties saying they're not seeking war the u.s. recently deployed a Carrier Strike Group and a bomber task force to the region claiming a credible threat by Iranian regime forces though not showing any evidence on Tuesday rebel Houthi forces from Yemen claimed responsibility for launching an armed drone attack against a Saudi oil facility near the Saudi capital Riyadh some experts have said this was not the first such attack by Houthis against Saudi targets and no evidence has been revealed to tie Iran which backs the Houthis to the attack the attack came two days after four oil tankers including two saudi tankers were damaged off the coast of the United Arab Emirates and what Saudi Arabia described as a sabotage attack Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Sochi Russia Tuesday where the two discussed issues including Iran Venezuela on the 2020 elections Russia criticized the u.s. decision to withdraw last year from the landmark 2015 Iran nuclear deal as tensions between the u.s. and Iran are at their highest since Trump took office on Venezuela Lavrov again warned the u.s. against any attempts to overthrow president Nicolas Maduro my poem cuckoo dish today I'm gonna do my palm oil we remember back in 2003 in May I suppose then president of the United States George Bush jr. from board an aircraft carrier declared that democracy was established in Iraq we remember back in 2011 who was declared that Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi had been brought down and that democracy was established in Libya I believe I do not need to dwell at length on today's state of democracy in Iraq Libya and a number of other places were such attempts of overthrowing the regimes were made and nothing good came out of a dream of mr. Hale also warned Russia not to interfere in the 2020 US elections while Lavrov denied Russia was involved in any 2016 election meddling Pompeo also met with Russian President Vladimir Putin who held the molar reports saying that quote confirmed the absence of any collusion between the US administration and Russia CNN's obtained photos showing the dire conditions migrants are being held in at the McAllen Texas Border Patrol the photos show adults and children sleeping outside on the ground in some cases on rocks as well as packed into tents and covered with mylar blankets the photos were supplied by a source who said they were disturbed when they witnessed the conditions at the station over the weekend responding to the report an official from the Department of Homeland Security said quote the border security in humanity in crisis continues to worsen current facilities and funding are inadequate for migrant flows unquote in related news CNN is reporting this morning that the Transportation Security Administration is planning on sending hundreds of officials to the southern border to address increased migrant arrivals Pennsylvania's become the latest state to go after Purdue Pharma for its role in producing and marketing the highly addictive opioids II Contin Purdue allegedly targeted senior citizens and the military when pushing the drug the lawsuit state quote even when Purdue knew people were addicted and dying Purdue treated patients and their doctors as targets to sell more drugs tragically each part of Purdue's campaign of deception earned the company more money and caused more addiction and death according to reports Tuesday Donald Trump jr. has agreed to answer questions from the Senate Intelligence Committee after the Republican LED panel subpoenaed him last week to return to Capitol Hill to testify about his role in matters related to the Russia investigation who reportedly sit for two to four hours of questioning on a number of agreed-upon topics next month San Francisco has become the first major US city to ban the use of facial recognition technology by police and other city agencies under the new rule city agencies would need to obtain permission from the city's Board of Supervisors before implementing any new surveillance technologies the biometric technology can still be employed at San Francisco's Airport since it's controlled by the federal government Matt Kegel an attorney with the ACLU of Northern California hailed the decision and said such technology quote provides government with unprecedented power to track people going about their daily lives that's incompatible with a healthy democracy he said experts have also warned about racial and other kinds of bias CBS News is reporting members of the American Airlines pilots union confronted Boeing in late 2018 about features on the 737 max aircraft that have been implicated in two fatal crash audios been released of an exchange between pilots and Boeing executives recorded in November 2018 less than a month after the Indonesia Lion Air flight 610 which killed all 189 people on board and just four months before Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 which killed 157 people pilots expressed anger that a faulty sensor system on the 737 max was not communicated to them until after the first deadly accident and push Boeing to work urgently on fixing the issue the max 737 is still grounded and multiple lawsuits and investigations into the crashes are underway in New York City a group of climate activists are on the second day of a three-day hunger strike in front of Governor Andrew Cuomo's office ahead of this Thursday's permitting deadline for the proposed Williams pipeline project which would carry frack gas from Pennsylvania's shale fields under New York Harbor activists are urging Cuomo who's called for New York's own green New Deal to halt the project which they say will harm New York waters public health safety democracy and the climate a police officer in Baytown Texas has been put on paid leave after a cellphone video of him fatally shooting a black woman went viral Tuesday in the video 44 year-old Pamela Turner can be seen in a verbal altercation with the unidentified officer in an apartment complex parking lot she's heard telling him quote you're actually harassing me before he tases her and she falls to the ground moments later she yells out I'm pregnant which is followed by five gunshots killing Turner police say the officer opened fire after Turner grabbed the Taser and used it against him police also say post-mortem examination showed Pamela Turner was not pregnant family members have since told local media she suffered from mental health issues the ACLU is calling for an independent investigation the national bailout collective announced two day that the third annual black mama's bailout day freed over a hundred black mothers in over 35 cities and Counting for Mother's Day they also raised over a million dollars the nationwide campaign aims to call attention to the injustice of cash bail while freeing as many black women from jail as possible to see our recent interview about the black Mama's bailout Day campaign go to and in new york city protestors rallied outside the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square Tuesday is the Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce held a black-tie gala dinner honoring Brazil's far-right presidential Europol senado and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo volson auto was initially scheduled to attend the gala but cancelled those plans earlier this month after he came under heavy protest over his long history of homophobic racist and misogynistic comments the Awards Gala was moved from the American Museum of Natural History after a campaign by environmentalist pointed to bosun Otto's efforts to open the Amazon to deforestation and mining while violating the rights of indigenous people this is Natalia de Campos of the defend democracy in Brazil committee we are in front of the Marriott Marquis Hotel Times Square where an event tonight will be held for the Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce Person of the Year award honoring joyful tomahto president for sale and my cocoa secretary of state of the US the Brazil American Chamber of Commerce has clear deals with corporations that are buying off the assets of Brazil and also supporting intervention in Latin America such as the gas Venezuela or in Brazil itself siting up faces of military bases of the US and those are some of the headlines this is democracy now the war and peace report I'm Amy Goodman and I'm Juan Gonzalez welcome to all of our listeners and viewers across the country and around the world

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  1. U.S.S.Liberty.Isrealhell murdered americans sailors to start a war with Egypt..911 massod plant explosives in twin towers

  2. Death-row inmate forgoes choosing last meal, asks for food to be given to homeless instead? Will that meal be served on metal plates? Allow the loved ones of his victims to drop the pellets. No question about this he is a Democrat. Too bad he will not be allowed to vote. I'm sure fake socialist Bernie Sanders will be disappointed.

  3. One thing about migrants in Texas we keep not mentioning. They'd rather do that for a chance at the American dream than live in the community the grew up in.

  4. Russian spokesman nail it about American so-called democracy. The American mentality… to be in a perpetual war with anyone, if there are not conflicts around the world, Americans create them for you, they create the problem and the solution to Kill, Drill, Spill and loot your resources’.

  5. Escape from LA and Escape from NY will become real just like Enemy of the State used to be science fiction.

  6. Brazilian -American Chamber of Commerce???? I thought Brazil was an American country! I guess they moved Brazil to Europe or Africa then! I must check the freaking map!

    Cheney: "NO."
    "WHY NOT?"
    ― Dick Cheney, April 15, 1994

  8. Clearly US is fomenting war in Iraq because it wants to destabilize the Middle East again. Why? Oh, so we can spend more decades in an illegal war costing ungodly deaths and billions of$$!

  9. Goering: "Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country. "

  10. It so happens that war increases a presidents popularity, if only temporary. That's what The Dorito is hoping for.

  11. According to Friedrich Nietzsche, it takes, three generations to eliminate, conditioning, or, brainwashing, or corruption, from a culture, or, a sub-culture, or…, a civilization, for that matter. Just wondering…, it`s laughable, but, for…, most of us, its hard to deny it, for sure; How long, it`s going to take, to remove the grasps, of Capitalism, from the World? In order to, the Humanity in ourselves, deep in the Human Soul, could be Revived, or, Resuscitated, or resurrected, from the darkness of mental slavery. From that day on, I, started believing, that, Freedom, is nothing more, then, a farfetched dream.

  12. That cop murdered that women; he clearly is going after her relentlessly. He could've backed off. He didn't have to shoot her; much less five times. Single shot to the leg would have disabled her
    He wanted to kill her… So SICK!!

  13. The inbred, racist, white power freaks in Alabama are guaranteeing that their daughters, sisters and mothers cannot have abortions after sexual couplings with their fathers, brothers and sons. A method to ensure the continued white racism in our country!!!

  14. Damn I know she lied about being pregnant and thank God she wasn't because as soon as she said that he shot her 5 times with the taser gun. If that's not hatred then idk what is.
    There's always been alot of hatred in texas since the first American sold real estate there when it was Mexico.

  15. Based on what I am reading in the comment section of this channel, I am guessing if people cared somebody would say something about what the evangelicals are doing to the Public, in their political struggle to repeal Roe v. Wade.
    Its not like the people here are above the law against early termination. Money is not going to buy you out of this one.

  16. 7:56. All pigs are racist murderers, or potential murderers who haven't yet had the opportunity to murder an unarmed person of color!!! Our cities need more heroes like Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley!!!

  17. Bolton goes on an MEK meeting and says we want regime change in Iran and then on a tv interview says I never said such thing, Duhhhhh!!! This man is getting senile.

  18. By way of deception we shall wage war. Who's motto is that? USS Maine in Havana Harbor? Tonkin incident, Building 7 imploded, no photos of the Pentagon building being blown up, some sick guy in a cave did all that? Common man…!!!!!

  19. This country is so cruel and heartbreaking for what the US is doing to migrants it’s sickening how can anyone support Trump after his horrendous politics

  20. All of these old fossil leaders have to go. War mongers. Sick human beings. Donald Trump has dementia He has no clue
    on what he is doing.

  21. I heard that if we had full transparency in leadership around this place we call home news people wouldn’t be necessary

  22. Bravo and kudos to the Houthi freedom fighters!!!

  23. The KKK folks,it's what the billionaire's like the KKKochs wanted.
    Say it with me,the republikkkon party.

  24. What happens if a pregnant teenager in Alabama travels to a more liberal state to have her abortion? Couldn't she do that?

  25. America has been lying itself into war for decades. It's the soldiers and their families along with the families of the target country who pay the heaviest price, while these murdering dogs who contrived this carnage go smiling to the bank.

  26. After being lied to the n every damn one of these wars by our political class, none of whom are ever are held accountable (thanks Barack Obama), why would any person believe what the govt is saying about Iran. Our politicians are proven compulsive liars.

  27. So this police officer tasers a woman for speakjng back to him, and then shoots her 5 times when she fights back. And it seems to be happening over and over.

  28. The inbred, racist, white power freaks in Alabama are guaranteeing that their daughters, sisters and mothers can not have abortions after sexual couplings with their fathers, brothers and sons. A sure way to continue the racism in the U.S.!

  29. I slept outside the entire winter in Toronto Canada in a sleeping bag surrounded by a Mylar sheet in a squatters encampment called Tent City. Amazing technology, never got cold.

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