Top 10 Juegos de Rhythm Heaven/Paradise

Welp, after quite a few memes (and after finally being able to bring Tapper back…) We’re finally back and this time we’re bringing to you our Top 10 games from Rhythm Heaven for NDS After the big success of Rhythm Tengoku in Japan, it was bound to receive a sequel This time it even made it to the west, so we could luckily enjoy it Like in the previous Top 10, it was made by all five of us And it was done according to: the music, the gameplay and our own personal tastes Oh, and now David is here too Mmm…hi Number 10 DO RE MI FA SO Built to Scale is the first minigame of this amazing game Of this amazing game (repeating in case you didn’t know it) In this minigame, all you need to do is flicking when the widgets arrive to SO It’s easy, like the first game from GBA, but unlike Karate Man, in this game the difficulty raises The tempo goes up and even the lights decide to “die” at a certain part A good way to introduce us to the game, isn’t it? (Also, first minigame in 3D) The sequel isn’t that different, because it has a similar son… OH GOD, WHAT’S THAT?! Built to Scale 2 has way more widgets and at higher speed no less, but the game is still great Rest in peace, Built to Scale, you never made it to Megamix Even when all the first set of Tengoku WAS INCLUDED, THAT’S UNFAIR, VERY UNFAIR Number 9 I fell for ya baby, because you’re so pretty Ahh, Frog Hop, this game is special for two reasons: First; the blue frog is considered the mascot from this game Second; the song from the first game is the only one sung by the one and only Tsunku♂ Well, with a filter, but still.. And about the gameplay, it’s a simple game You’ll need the simple touch for dancing, “yahooing” and…”yeah, yeah, yeahing”? And flicking for spinning (boys)…makes sense, doesn’t it? It’s mostly keeping the beat touching the touch screen…easy, right? Now imagine doing it during two minutes with all the cues that you learn in the practice And now, imagine a sequel with a higher tempo and more complicated combinations Even then, it’s a fun game and also quite forgiving, since the “barelies” aren’t counted as mistakes even while going for a Perfect Not in Megamix, though…RIP And yeah, now you’ll think “this is gonna be easy”, until…the game starts It has fantastic music and it’s a fan favourite so it was no surprise that it made it to Megamix The problem is…welp, RIP the original controls from DS But hey, there’s always the “simple tap” mode…right? That was used by literally no one, nobody likes and it was wasted potential for all the games that weren’t from DS O_O Seriously, HOW IS THIS GAME LOWER THAN DJ SCHOOL? Number 8 My favorite game from DS, DJ School holds a special place in my memories of playing this series When I first played it, I understood the mechanics of the game quickly and I totally enjoyed it And not only the music is like a raspberry and chocolate ice cream for your ears I loved the experience of stopping the DJ record and spinning it with the flick, it really fits the game In case you don’t remember, you play as Student…because yeah, that’s literally his name A DJ student who receives lessons from a yellow DJ, and both of you mix a song for the audience It may sound complicated but it’s actually one of the simplest games of the series You just have to: hold and flick It’s kind of similar to Rat Race from Rhythm Tengoku but, let’s face it It’s objectively better because you just can’t compare counting up to three to… Scratch-o, hey! When you hold the DJ record, the music changes, and when you flick it, it’s normal again, all of that with sound effects! Aaaa, I love this game! I know that I’m not the only one…WHERE MY DJ SCHOOL BOYS AT? HERE! Fun fact: if you move the stylus while holding, you can hear those sounds *Scratches in Spanish* Number 7 Hated by some, loved by others (Like myself) Rockers is a game in which you have to play the guitar together with your teacher, J.J. Rocker A man who had to leave the stages due to a leasson in his neck (the dangers of a extreme headbanging) (A game with a normal story if we compare it to most of the games from the series) You’ll only need the flick, but that’s enough to make it one of the most fun (and frustrating) games to play Because your rhythm needs to be almost perfect, and you gotta train and train until you perfect it (And become a Pokémon master) And if we talk about the music, well, just like the games themselves, it’s… Perfect, incredible, a masterpiece and… It’s obvious that I don’t want to make good ol’ Locorito mad, isn’t it? But seriously, yeah, the music’s pretty good. The one from the first game is more chill And the sequel has a more frenetic arrangement due to the new moves…but yeah, the music is good And about that, Rockers 2 is the only game from DS that uses a button, in this case, the R button (or L, if you’re left handed) (Another thing that’s wasted potential, BY THE WAY) In order to bend, you’ll need to be more concentrated, since you need a more precise rhythm And this game is so great that it even has unlockable Guitar Lessons After beating the first game you’ll unlock the Basic Lessons, and the sequel unlocks the Technical ones In order to unlock more songs you need to have enough medals because… Who doesn’t want to listen to Jumpin’ Jazz again? (Frog Hop Rock in Megamix in Spanish for some reason) And that’s not all, if you get at least an A in all the Lessons, you can participate in the Battle of the Bands In which you have to play all the songs from the level that you chose, Basic or Technical And the public even reacts depending on your performance Seriously, playing this is awesome, especially at the end of the Technical one Why is this just in seventh place ;___;? Number 6 It’s impossible to forget that epic introduction
[I wrote this] In this minigame you play as the eponimous Munchy Monk, “training” himself in the sacred art of eating dumplings It’s a fast paced game, short and simple too; tap once for eating a dumpling, three times to the rhythm for three, and twice fast for two dumplings It’s simple, short…but engaging! And the music is good, so of course it will have a sequel In this game the monk was…fired or whatever from his temple and decides to have a try at the circus The gameplay remains the same (“Mismo” in Spanish) and the song is a bit extended You know that you have played this too much when you can’t stop saying… ONE, GO! ONE, GO! THREE! GO, GO, GO! Number 5 It’s an obligation for us to honor these noble soldiers, who gave it all for the sake of their homeland And whom we probably owe our lives. May their blue feathers be forever remembered… And may they always be remembered…as heroes Whatever, Blue Birds is an excellent game, it had to be here! In this minigame you have to follow your captain’s orders, or else… But we have to say that the captain is a cute bird… Who has probably seen things…horrible things You’re the third one, and you need to do everything that the captain says Does he say that you have to peck your beak? You peck your darn beak three times, recruit! Does he say that you stretch out your neck? YOU BETTER DO IT Number 4 OwO, what’s this? Lockstep is also one of my favorites. The music’s great and as a remixer… I must say that the voices of the “step switchers” are good and go well with almost everything Many people have problems with this game at the beginning But once you get it you become unstoppable and you can’t get out your head those HEY HEY HEY A-HO The idea of this game is simple, you just have to march at the same time as your partners Easy, right? Well, of course it won’t be that easy Watch out, here comes the plot-twist When you listen to a certain cue you’ll have to switch and marching to the offbeat And when you hear the other cue, you have to go back to the beat If you don’t know much about these musical terms, chances are that the first time you’ll get a bit confused And maybe you’ll get slapped quite a few times before learning… But hey, we all went through that, didn’t we? However, once you get it, you’ll realize that you have learnt something very valuable about rhythm And it will totally help you in more games of this series Number 3 Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! So it’s finally here…the adorable song that excited a whole generation of players! Mmm…well, yeah, maybe I exaggerated (a bit) But there’s one thing that’s undeniable, if you think about this series in Spanish (and well, most languages really) you’ll probably think about this song The song’s corny? Yeah, there’s no denying to that.. But is it catchy? A lot! And will this game be one of your favorites? For all time, I suppose! Let’s get to (monkey) business You’re a cute monkey that has to cheer a pop singer (Which is also cute) [RIP the pun, lost in translation] And in order to do that you have to clap in different ways following the lyrics of the song You’ll need to clap four times if she repeats a word three times, or in a way different way if she says “I suppose” And don’t even think about clapping out of that, even if you think that the girl’s doing great and you just want to cheer her more Because the other monkeys will judge you…a lot The only problem of the game? It’s too darn short…but then A sequel! An extended version of the original song… (Extended…what a wonderful word, don’t you think?) And it even has new cues! And this time around, yeah, this is a game of medal…but not Perfect It’s a good example of what a sequel should be As a fun fact, the singer from the Japanese version of DS, left Tsunku♂’s company Which is why the games are so different in Megamix There’s a new singer and even the arrangement is slightly different In the Spanish version we luckily got back the original voices from DS Truly a classic™ Number 2 PUNCH KICK Karate Joe returns to practice the Tatsumaki Senpukiaku art That is, the noble art of knowing how to kick for good The gameplay of this game is simlar to its GBA prequel but…watch out! After the lightbulb, a barrel will approach and then you’ll need to give it a solid kick with the new PUNCH KICK Just like in the Tengoku game, this Karate Man has a vocal song too But this one is…beautiful, there’s no comparison. This one’s much, MUCH better than the Tengoku one And that’s definitively not because it’s the first and only song of Karate Man in our language Ah, and don’t be salty because this game didn’t win I’m sure the first place will make up for it…right? [Totally-unbiased-TL’s notes: no] And here we have some honorable mentions Number 1 Get ready, we’re going to outter space (again) for our number one (Wait, haven’t we said this already?) Looks like we love the space games Yes, we’re “spatial” persons Our favorite game from the Nintendo DS game, and hence our number one is… Space Soccer! Wiii™! High kick go! It’s easy to describe Space Soccer…or at least compared to most games of this series You’re just a soccer player alien… (Mmm, possibly related to the dancers from Cosmic Dance?) (It’s just a theory. A game theory) …who trains in space because…well, because I don’t know, do you think there’s a better place to practice soccer? Seriously, this series loves to throw random games into the space for no reason Oh yeah, and you also have clones Regarding the gameplay, it’s simple, it’s a “keep the beat” game You need to keep the ball going and do it to the rhythm of this superb song But watch out, sometimes the ball has the sudden urge to forfeit Don’t worry, just flick and give it a good ol’ high kick At the beginning you’ll probably lose quite a few balls but once you get it it’s really engaging KICK GO! And about the sequel…there’s mixed opinions here in la Liga But if you ask me, I know it fo’sho Space Soccer 2 master race! (And don’t forge to tell us in the comments in which team are you) Both games, in a simlar way to Tap Trial, are similar yet different Space Soccer is a “keep the beat” game with some occasional kicks Space Soccer 2 is kicks, kicks, some occasional kick…and yeah, between kicks you have to keep the beat too Oh! You also need to kick sometimes! It’s a frenetic game which tries to surprise you (Those double kicks near the end) Simply great But also, the sequel’s arrangement is beautiful I don’t know who had the idea to give this western arrangement to Space Soccer but it’s a perfect fit In short, two amazing games that sadly didn’t make it to Megamix… But well, the memory of these games will still be alive in our hearts And I suppose that it will still be alive in our Nintendo DS too In memory of those “KICK, HIGH KICK GO! In memory of all those missed soccer balls And…yeah, I suppose that in memory of all those YEEEHAW We tip our hats (cowboy hats, of course) To Soccer Ball and its sequel, rest in peace [See you space cowboy] And that’s all, folks! Thank you verrry much for staying with us in a new Top 10 and we hope you enjoyed as much as we did doing this Top 10 and reviving this amazing game If you liked this video, don’t forget to suscribe to La Liga de los Mem…I mean, La Liga del Ritmo And also please, let us know in the comments your opinions about the video and your choices (If DJ School isn’t among your favorites…) Shut up! Rockers is the best one! B-b-but muh Karate Man ;_; OK, I think there’s a bit of rivalry in this topic… (Splashdown…)

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  1. Crees que poner el primer set completo de Tengoku es un problema, Pues tambien pusieron al de fever, Ya sabes, Ese set con La version chafa de Robotellines


  3. I'm making a list
    10. Glee Club
    9. Love Lab
    8. Airboarder
    7. Lockstep ( I like the sequel a bit more though)
    6. Fan Club
    5. Space Soccer
    4. Rhythm Rally
    3. Karate Man
    2. The Dazzles
    1. DJ School
    Please don't be mad >-<

  4. (Yo llorando por no ver Foto Final/Granjero pisón en las menciones y si Gran final rockero + dudua moái)
    Meh, debo de dejar de pensar en mí. ¡Grande la voz de David!

  5. That whas Awesome !
    (Love the part when David appears! XDDDD My reaction was the same as that of the Fangirls.screaming loud now)

  6. >ser yo
    >no saber como cambiar idioma del dastric
    >comerme fan club en ingles
    prefiero mil y una veces la versión en inglés

  7. ardo en el infierno al ver química del amor en menciones honorables y ni siquiera haya sido mencionado peloteo ritmico

  8. The Spanish singer for Fan Club I cantttttttt-
    It's so much better than the English one.

    French is still best version though

  9. Opinión para nada popular: Me encanta Los rockeros, es mi juego favorito junto a Love Lab y Karate Killo versión DS, y me arde y duele que no esté en Megamix, pero hubiera sido dificilísimo de poner por asunto de controles,asi que lo entiendo

  10. Space Soccer 2 is infinitely one of my favorite sequel games! (And one of the most simpler, too!), really sucks that they didn't make it into megamix. The representation for the DS and GBA games are sadly very small in comparision to the Fever representation, which is bad specially on Tengoku's case.

  11. Sigo creyendo que lonely storm es aun un buen tema aunque esté….

    ¡¡¡¡¡¡EN JAPONÉS!!!!!!

  12. The music in english of Frog hop is better from the spanish version

    La canción del juego de las ranas en inglés es mejor que la de español

  13. Mi lista:
    5:Ritmo Rana(la odio pero igual)
    4:Escuela de DJs
    3: El Coro
    2:A Escala
    Menciones:Aves Marciales,Robotellines,Club de Fans
    1:Karate Killo

  14. Mi lista 7-9
    5:Karate Killo 2
    4:El Coro 2
    3:A Escala 2
    2:Chapuzón 2
    1:Ritmo Rana Rock(2)
    Ya si hablamos de juegos únicos
    10: Foto Final (Soy malo en este)
    9: Fútbol Espacial
    8:Los Rockeros
    7:A Contratiempo(soy malo en este también :'v)
    6:Aves Marciales
    5:Las Chispitas (no las pusieron)
    4:A escala
    3:La Química del amor
    2: Dudua Moai digo El Coro
    1: Karate Killo Patadas! (DS)
    Me hize en perfecto el Karate Killo Patadas

  15. Dato curioso
    En megamix,Blue Birds dice "Fin" Porque no pusieron Blue birds 2,Pero samurai slice aun tiene el "To be continued" Al final a pesar de que no tiene su secuela

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