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Hello everyone, today we go catch snakes You go catch a snake alone, I’m at home Do you think my team is crowded? 13 people and today we hold a singing competition Do you have another idea? During 3 months of practice, my voice is very good I sing very bad Do you want to do a singing competition? want I will hold a contest called “little voice” Wrong, the contest is called “haunting voice” The competition is strange Do you want join? I want What is our reward? This is the reward Have you tried this version yet? I have already eaten Do you know this cake? know What characters are there? If you don’t understand the version this time, please show it to everyone How is this singing competition organized? Me and everyone will be the judges 1st round is audition I will give the children a piece of music for about 10 seconds listen and repeat, right? That’s right, repeat right and get through the first round and If anyone passes the first round At the same time each contestant will receive a box of cakes All contestants please look at the song on this side I find this song difficult difficult also have to test, can not give up First contestant, please wear a leaf shirt sing for me You forgot the song, you were eliminated Invite the second contestant What are you singing? What are you singing? I appreciate your courage because you sing badly you are out OMG, I sing like that but I was eliminated Do you see me singing well? Invite the next candidate potential and very young but the ability to Imitate is not bad I let you pass round 1, a box of cakes thank you The next contestant, fat, quick What are you singing? You have been disqualified Invite the next candidate you sing very small, sing loudly This is the first contestant to imitate the most similar Very nice, a box of cakes Next Invite Thao You were disqualified, you sang but I thought it was a crowing chicken The contest is strange, singing is also good, bad singing is also eliminated The next contestant, black guy black guy practicing singing very well You don’t have the talent to sing You just cried, not sing I was very angry, very similar to the video but still eliminated In the video is not this song I hear you sing unlike in the video Now that I sit here and do the jury, the video will last very long So, I decided to go to each contestant to check it out Please sing you are out for you to the next round, continue for you to the next round because your accent sounds like You sing well or you groan This friend was disqualified, singing very badly This second round is karaoke vocals First round, the winner gets a box of cakes Round 2, The winner receives? And what does the loser get? This is a gift Where did you buy this toy? This is the reward for the champion I will let everyone know about the redemption program this time What program was that? Delicious cakes, If lucky, win the prize Here are 4 contestants who have passed the first round And here is the audience who have lost Who will be the winner tonight? This morning, not tonight I invite the first candidate What song do you sing? I finished the song You sing small that makes the judges sleep you’re eliminated, after the song, you sing very small What song does the next contestant sing? Ok….Is this the melody of this song? right The song is boring The song is boring You can sing as well, but don’t take sad songs when you take the test the jury heard crying, could not score Invite you to the location Invite the next member What song do you sing? This contestant can sing temporarily singing is not good Inviting the final candidate This stage is yours I’ve finished singing…Do you see me singing well? Thanh is the most active singing member in my team Sing and dance So who is the champion? The jury is that I just made a comment Who is the champion is voted by the audience? Each person can only vote once for their favorite candidate First contestant, Tam Black Who voted for Tam Black? No one voted, sadly The second contestant, Tien Thao and Thuan I felt Tien sings well but no one voted third contestant, Ngoc 6 votes Final contestant, Thanh Oh My God….Only Tri Thanh sang vibrant but no one voted If the audience voted Ngoc as champion Invite Ngoc to come here to receive the reward The gift this time is the racing set thank you and Invite all the other contestants to come up and get the cake Now I’m hungry, can I eat this cake? Why not? Tear it up and eat it The inside of the cake box is like this very delicious Everyone should buy this cake Wait..What are you guys planning to do? remove the cake tins This cake box casing we can play games any cake box has a box game here There are instructions here Now, figure out what character you’re in the box? When I finish, I will have Sacko shark when I finish it will turn into an ocean of DUMBY Tearing along these lines will produce character I’ve done The name is DUMBY ocean In the cake version called Marine Boy this time We have one more thing, which is boxed very happy The cakes are delicious and the award program is very unique This video is for karaoke and cake good bye and see you later ^_^ Don’t forget to give 1 like and 1 share and be sure to subscribe for the channel good bye and see you later ^_^

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