Taron Egerton’s name is pronounced… | Magic Radio

Tom: ‘Hi, I’m Taron Egg-erton, and few people
know that I actually…’ Taron: …have a surname that’s pronounced
‘Edge-erton’! Tom: Are you kidding me?!! Taron: *laughing loudly* I couldn’t resist!
I never normally say it but you really asked for it there. Tom: I’m… I’m gonna… I’m so… Taron: You’re mortified! Tom: Yes because I had a whole conversation
downstairs about this! Taron: I have an urge to reach out and grab
your hand, it’s fine! Tom: We were all going ‘Is is it Egg-erton
or Edge-erton?!’ Taron: You’re going to edit it out! Tom: It’ll be really bad editing, you’ll just
hear me saying ‘EDGE-ERTON’. Tom: ‘When making Kingsman: The Golden Circle,
Halle Berry would often ask me…’ Taron: …whether I would marry her… and
then I woke up. Tom: ‘Hi, I’m Taron Egerton, my perfect Sunday
morning is…’ Taron: Coffee, a new really great album, and
a walk along the seafront after. Tom: ‘If I wasn’t Taron Egerton, a very famous
actor, I would in fact be…’ Taron: …a sculptor. Tom: Really? Taron: I think so yeah, something like that.

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