St. Louis radio station celebrating Blues win with 'Gloria' on repeat

some reason you can't think about anything but the blues this morning because obviously that would be all your topping high I mean maybe I think about working your kids at school but then there's the blues but a local radio station has a thing for you this morning in case you haven't had enough they are playing a special song all morning long and our Steve Harris is live in Midtown this morning taking a listen hey Steve oh yeah you know I'm jazzed I didn't sleep last night don't need to I'm on energy drink and I'm on Laura Branigan that's what's going on kind of cool gears Courtney and Kevin and the gin over here Seoul isn't it Jen what you guys are doing what you guys doing we decided that if the Blues won round two of those Stanley Cup Playoffs that we were gonna play Laura Brannigan's Gloria for 24 hours straight that is I think that's I wish my buzz say yeah stuff like that so what's the story behind this song people wonder so it started when a bunch of the Blues were in Philly watching an NFL playoff game and in between commercials they were playing Laura Brannigan's Gloria they decided they wanted it to be their new song if they won their next game and that's when they went on their huge 11 game win streak so it's kind of become the theme song for the Blues and that's why we decided to play it and man you couldn't have picked a better game to play glory after is that right for sure Courtney let me ask you are you a fan of Laura Branigan who isn't a fan of Laura Branigan see I'm more of a self control guy or a solitaire but now now I'm kind of getting into Glenn your family blues obviously oh of course this is gonna go all day yeah all day and see the good thing is we don't have to play it as much as Jill and Paul they're gonna have some issues a little later very good I'd turn it on I'd listen listen all day love me some Laura Branigan right you know I was gonna ask are they I mean we love this song right but are they losing their minds listen to this on repeat over and over no no it's early it's we'll check back in in a few hours oh my gosh

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