Source SDK – Adding sounds to your level – ambient_generic

The Ambient_generic entity lets you play sounds
in your map. If you want background ambience, like wind or traffic, you’re better off using
a soundscape. Watch my tutorial on that instead. MAKING AN AMBIENT GENERIC
Click on the entity tool and place it in your level where you want the sound to play.
Choose the selection tool and double-click on it. Choose ambient_generic from the Class
drop-down list. Click on Sound Name and Browse.
Tick ‘autoplay sounds’ to automatically play the sounds you select. Find the one you like
and double-click on it. Well done. Give the ambient_generic entity a name- this
will help later on and is a good habit. GENERIC OPTIONS
You won’t need to change most of these options- they’re simple to use, but I’ve used the defaults
for this tutorial. The one you might like to adjust is Max Audible
Distance, it determines the furthest distance away that this sound can be heard, shown by
the yellow circle here. Click on how you would like for it to be triggered
to go to that part of the tutorial. TRIGGERED BY WALKING INTO AN AREA
Make a block, select it and press ctrl+t. Choose trigger_once, or trigger_multiple if
you want it to work more than once. Go to the Outputs tab, click add and in the first
box put ‘OnStartTouch’, the name of the ambient_generic entity in the second and PlaySound in the
Make a block as before, select it, press ctrl+t and choose func_button. Go to the Outputs
tab and in the first box put ‘onpressed’, the name of the ambient_generic entity in
the second and PlaySound in the third. PLAYING ALL THE TIME AUTOMATICALLY
In the ambient_generic entity’s properties, click on the Flags tab and disable ‘Start
Silent’. If you want it to repeat forever, untick ‘Is NOT Looped’. Some sounds won’t
loop, it depends on whether the audio file has a cue or not, but I won’t cover that here.
PLAYING FROM EVERYWHERE If you want it to sound like it’s coming from
everywhere instead of from where it’s placed in the map, tick ‘Play everywhere’. It doesn’t
matter where it’s placed in the level when this is ticked.

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  1. how would one script the map to load another map, like transitioning from one level to the next in half life 2? or another example is a setup in crash bandicoot where one enters a level, collects an item that causes something to happen in the warp room to help progress? or am I blind and stupid that there is already a tutorial explaining exactly what I just asked?

  2. why is it that short sound file can be looped but when I try to play a soundtrack of 3 minutes long I need to enable it with a button 馃槢聽I probably need to use a soundscape

  3. I was having problems with my disco in my JB map i am making, and this has helped tremendously.聽

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  4. In single player Half Life 2 maps, you can change the SourceEntityName of the ambient_generic to the name of an npc_citizen (and probably npc_alyx, npc_barney etc.) and not only will the ambient_generic emit sound from that npc, but if the audio file is of talking (and it contains the right faceposer files embedded), the npc_citizen will move their mouth according to the speech coming from the ambient_generic. This is really useful!

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  6. You oughta make some more advanced tutorials, some for people who've been mapping for a while and need tips on detailing levels and making them look better. Something like Dredile's tutorial on how to make dirty maps look good–something for people who've been mapping for a while and have a couple of decent maps out, like me.

  7. I聽have a question whenever I make a map for half life two the skybox no matter what shows 4 missing textures and only the top and bottom are the actual skybox, as well as the fact my cubemaps even after I use sv_cheats 1 building_cubemaps 1 buildcubemaps they don't show/generate and the console prints that it all is stored in the bottom texture. I have tried to find the answer, but it seems as if valve does not know that such problems could exist.聽聽 P.S. It has been this way ever since the 2013 sdk update and it worked before.

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  9. philip ,i got a message while i walked into the area [CSoundEmitterSystemBase::GetParametersForSound: 聽No such sound (] , how can i fix it? i am using half life 2 sound on cs:s hammer editor. is this cause the problem?

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    I have a custom sound and put it in the root sound folder of my game. (In this case it's Gmod)
    I only hear it when I have "Play everywhere" checked
    If I have anything else it doesn't play at all
    The maximum audible range is beyond the map's walkable limits
    I also made the Start Volume at 10

  11. @3kliksphilip聽 The small box on the right side where you can easily change the shape type or entity, I closed it and am wondering how to reopen it,

  12. I'm having trouble playing normal sounds (like the music from HL2). The music files show up in the sound browser but nothing plays, and only industrial_suspense1, industrial_suspense2, and tv_music work.

  13. I have sound plays all the time on the map I have 3 more triggers each one play 1 short sound. So聽the first聽sound playing whole the time on the map when I hit trigger to play second sound my fps drops to 10 too much lag..
    So the problem is when I play second sound using trigger the map lags fps drop to 10, how to fix this ?

  14. 3kliks such a meta troll. Loves to have fun for the sake of someone noticing/making a comment about it. E,g moving the tree at the end. love you phil

  15. Hey, so im making a map where I have speakers in a queuline for a ride, I have trie using multiple ambient_generic entities and I have tried using info_target to play the sound from but the sound only ever plays from the closest speaker(entity) what am I doing wrong?

  16. I'm trying to make radio sound that is only for terrorist at start of the round. I don't want them to hear where the sound is coming. If i use "play everywhere" the other team hears it too. And i tried to put 1 ambient_sound inside every info_player_terrorist but they still hear the source of sound which (ambient_sound is inside their head but they still hear it coming a little bit on their left or right side).

  17. i have a 2 min sound and its not looped (i didnt select: is NOT looped) and its till not loop its play but not looped some help?

  18. I'm making a map with various trigger_multiple entities. (ie, transitioning from one themed room to another)
    Will the trigger automatically stop all other sounds, or do I need to do that manually?

  19. How do you loop sounds? I'm trying to make a radiation spill and I want the geiger counter sound to play repeatedly (like you hear in half life 2). How exactly do I do that?

  20. i already know mostly everything about hammer, but i enjoy going back to the old days by watching this when i knew nothing

  21. heres a question, on. loop automatically… how do you make it loop in time frame? i dont want a combine radio on the console to be constantly saying "9, 9 ,9 ,9, 9"

  22. How could i make something like a button that when pressed plays a music playlist. like say i have 4 songs. i want to be able to press the button and the songs play one after another and then repeat – is this doable? if so, how

  23. One more thing you should have mentioned: If the sound you want to add is a Music, and not just a regular sound effect, you should add a hashtag (#) at the start of the Sound Name path. That way, the sound won't be muffled when going underwater or being hit by explosions, and changing the music volume in the game settings allows you to control it's loudness.

  24. Anyone having the problem of that radius not showing in your editor grid? I can't see it to change how far out I want it to go. Someone help….

  25. im trying to make an elevator with elevator music and when i leave the elevator the music disappears when i go back; any pointers? (this in using hammer for garry's mod, so is this even an option? the music plays when i load in the elevator but disappears as i get distanced)

  26. If anyone still reads this do you know how to stop the music when you press ESC and pause the game? Literally NO ONE talks about this

  27. I making this in HL2 when im changing "player_info_start" and changing to "Ambieng_generic" i cant spawn in game.

  28. "but i won't go it on here", that is why I came here to tho. ..I'd like to know how to make sounds looped – but the sound I want to use won't loop.

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