Sound Effect -10 CATS MEOWING Make your Cat or Dog Go Crazy

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  2. Story time.

    My cat (female) had 3 kittens. They were all given to good families but one family had someone allergic. So they gave him back to us. But, once we tried making the mother go outside we let the kitten go too, we didn’t saw him at all the rest of the night. Then, the day after, it was my soccer game, we searched and we found him dead.
    I made this audio play and my cat ( still a female) went searching and made me so mad at myself. She was searching so hard that I just started crying and went under my blankets feeling bad as hell and wanting to hide there forever.

  3. My cat meow so loud cuz it wouldn't get out the door I just pick it up and rub get on my freaking nerves

  4. my cat gave birth to four kittens (wc all died) when she heard the baby kitten meowing she's started meowing like crazy :')

  5. My cat woke up from his nap and he looked at me and I was thinking he said “bitch you didn’t get no kitten” or “when did I get someone pregnant”

  6. I'll show this to my 14th month old puppy and he's starting plays his rhinoceros stuffed toy lol. His name is Charlie

  7. Me: plays audio
    My cat: looks at me still purring

    Me: “You don’t care? But you attack the next door neighbours cat when it comes into the garden..?”

  8. I think the kitten sounding one is distressing though. I don't find that funny. My cat looked extremely concerned.

  9. My cat was sleeping so i wanted to do this for a prank but when I played it she kept sleeping like all the noise WAS FRIGGIN NORMAL!!!

  10. Lmao she’s just looking around like “bitch where you at?”

    Update: she started walking around trying to find them.

    Other update: she found no cats

  11. Me- Plays this to get my kittens attention
    My kitten- comes up to me and starts purring
    Me- Okay, okay you can go lay down now..

  12. My cat was confused she was like is there another cat ? Or kittens? And she left I was laughing 😂😂 lol

  13. My cat Walter low key has eyes HUGE and is confused scared
    Me: okay let’s see how this works…
    Walter- ????!!!! WHAT IS THIS HOOMAN
    Tigerlily- **having flashbacks from WWII
    Freya- oOoO iS iT uR tOeS mAkInG tHe sOuNd

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