Sound at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA)

Audio is really a passion of mine, we do
a lot of live stuff as we’re a theatre based school, so a lot of the disciplines are
working on actual productions and shows in WAAPA with the other disciplines, so
actors, music theatre students, musicians obviously. We’re recording in
the other room right now. I got the chance to get a rise in University in Canada
for two months, it was pretty amazing we you know you got to made a whole heap of
amazing people and work alongside people in the industry over there, it was pretty
cool being over the other side of the world and having the opportunity from
WAAPA to head over there as part of my course. I love the diversity of training
at WAAPA, it’s pretty cool the way the course runs we do a lot of practical
work along with the theory in class and it’s a nice balance, we kind of get to
choose the the avenue we go down so while I’m interested mostly in live
sound and working in theatre and all those things, we still do units in in
film and in studio recording, post-production work and we really go
down every avenue and we learn how to work in every part of the industry. So by
the end of our course we’re kind of set up with a baseline knowledge at least of
of how the industry operates. If you want a general feel of audio,
working in slightly different fields within the sound production world, WAAPA
definitely offers you that. WAAPA does a pretty good job, the fact
that we are able to work on productions. Being in the studios and recording, editing would be
my way to go in the wide spectrum of sound. I’ve actually done a lot of work
with the music students and I’m trying to bridge that gap between the
production design and the music world because we’ve got all these amazing
musicians over in the contemporary and jazz programs in classical and we’ve got
this amazing facility here to record them. I could not recommend this course
highly enough, it’s the experiences I’ve had and the networking opportunities
that I’ve had during my time here have been amazing and incredible and I’ve
received so much work out in the industry while I’ve been doing my course.

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