Skillopedia – 07 tricks to sound confident while speaking (Soft skills & Communication skills)

Well hello and welcome to yet another fabulous
video. My name is Rima and today I am gonna talk about some tips and tricks for a confident
voice. Now in the course of a conversation, it’s possible to use certain means, certain
methods to make your voice sound surer, more authoritative and confident. So let’s look
at a few. Now the first tip is to – Speak more slowly.
Now it always happens that when we are nervous we end up speaking too fast and some of us
are naturally fast speakers. Now when you are speaking too fast it makes you appear
not confident, so the important trick is to speak more slowly and clearly. That way you
won’t end up making any mistakes in your language or pronunciations and at the same time you
will sound more surer and more confident. So remember take it slow and clear. Now the next thing you can do is – Use pauses
effectively. Now it always happens that when you are speaking for a long period of time,
if you do not pause the conversation can become very monotonous. Now that you are already
speaking more slowly and clearly, make sure that you use pauses effectively at various
points in the conversation. Using a dramatic pause or short pause of 2-3 seconds at various
points in the conversation can add more weight to your previous sentence and help you make
your point effectively. The best part about using a pause is that you get time to collect
your thoughts in order to continue speaking further and your audience gets time to digest
the points that you have already made. All and all using pauses is a very wise and an
intelligent trick and I suggest you actually do this at various points to make yourself
appear very cool, assured and confident. The next point is – Avoid telling irrelevant
stories. Now it always happens that if you are nervous about a conversation you might
starting talking too much or sharing too much information. You could start sharing stories
or quoting incidence that are completely irrelevant to the conversation at hand. I suggest you
avoid this, keep your conversation absolutely relevant, to the point, crisp and short. When
you do this you will come across as a person full of authority and confidence and maybe
save yourself the embarrassment of having shared certain irrelevant stories. Now the next point is to use a deeper, more
base voice, confused? don’t be. Well let me share something with you. Research shows that
world over the speakers or orators who use or have a deeper voice or a more base voice
are more popular among audiences. So let’s try and use this fact to your advantage. When
ever you know you are gonna be having an important conversation, make sure you use a deeper,
a more base voice. When you do this you voice will naturally come across as more authoritative,
more confident and surer, but the important point is to practice before hand. If you do
not practice speaking in a deeper , more base voice, the way I am trying to speak right
now, you can appear unnatural and forced and that will create a negative impact. So it’s
important to keep practicing your deeper voice or your meeting voice in order to make the
right impact at the right time. Now the next thing to do is very very important,
it says – maintain a confident posture. Now whether you are standing or sitting at work
it’s important to constantly try and improve your posture. If you are sitting up or standing
up make sure you are standing straight with your shoulders behind and your head held high.
Now by doing this what will you achieve? Now by doing this you will appear more confident
at the same time you will also start feeling more confident and the best part is the effect
this will have on your voice. If you actually maintain better posture, confident posture
it will help you to breathe better and when you breathe better trust me you will sound
better, sound more confident and surer. Now the next thing you can do and you want
to do and you must do in order to support your confident voice is to use your hands
wisely and effectively and not the way I am doing it right now. So it always happens when
we are nervous we end up using our hands too much and every word or every statement we
say, we try to support it with the hand gesture. Now it’s very important to use your hand gestures
wisely and also only at the points where they are required, in fact at the points when you
are making an impact. Because if you have uncontrolled wild hand gestures it can make
you appear absolutely confused and out of control and that is definitely something that
you want to avoid. So use hand gestures precisely and absolutely effectively. One way to do
this is to actually pre-decide which hand gesture you are going to use when and which
is that impactful statement which you want to support using an effective hand gesture.
By doing so you will definitely appear more confident and your confidence voice will receive
the support of your confident hand gestures. Now the last point to remember ans I must
say it’s last but not the least is – To practice, practice and more practice.. Now there are
always going to be those conversations in your life, those very important conversations
which will decide the direction of your work or your career. Now these conversations could
make or break a deal. So it’s important to practice regularly as to how you are going
to have these conversations, if you continue to practice regularly in isolation, it would
be easier for you to have these conversations in front of people. The best way to practice,
I have realized is to stand in front of the mirror look into your own eyes and practice
having the entire conversation and play out the whole scenario. When you are preparing
in this manner you will be able to handle the live conversation with absolute efficient
ease and definitely your voice, your words would sound more confident, surer, coller,
effective and more authoritative. So yes I wish you all the best but please remember
there is no perfection without practice. Well now that I have shared so many tips and
tricks with you on how to have more confident voice, there is absolutely no reason why you
shouldn’t sound like a more confident you , like a surer you and a more effective you.
Well I really hope that you have really enjoyed this video, it’s time for me Rima to sign
out , so I wish you all the best, keep practicing and before I go I want you to do one more
absolutely important thing, I want you to subscribe to our channel – Skilloedia – The
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  1. I fell in love with ur voice, you are really so clear and confident.
    I'll try to speak slowly as you said.

    Thank you so much.

  2. I really appreciate the way of your delivering lectures it's very clear and audible ..and directly goes inside and deeper

  3. Hi Reema Very Good Morning,

    These are the steps are more and more important for being confident at all time. And the way you explained is really effectively and it attracts the viewer fully, I really like the way you presented and your voice modulations and over all its highly appreciated.

    Thank you for giving such valuable worthy lesson to learn skills for the real world.

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  5. Thanks Rima
    The way u present and guides everybody such a wonderful voice also and u looking also very pleasent…Thanks ones again pls share more video…

  6. I am using all your tips at work and have been getting a lot of good reviews since doing so. Thank you ladies……I am ever-so-grateful….πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  7. dear Maam i love your Every video .I Have learned lots of tips from you your got the amazing art of communication only few people are blessed with this quality i wish and I pray you always stay healthy
    Stay blessed

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    Very irritating and it takes away all pleasure of learning.

  9. Hi, This is my first comment on YouTube. It was really insightful and great tips for the learners! Great Job Skillopedia team.

  10. 1.Speak more slowly and clearly
    2.Speak with appropriate pauses
    3.Avoid telling irrelevant stories
    4.Use a deeper and base voice
    5.Maintain a confident posture
    6.Use hand gestures wisely
    7.Practice,Practice and more practice..

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