Singers Company

I'm katy parker and i'm the founder of singers company a non-competitive performing group for young girls of course we see and yes we dance but singers company is so much more our mission at singers company is to strengthen the confidence of young girls across America and two years into franchising we are doing it we had reached more than a thousand girls in 35 cities and we are excited about our growth and we are ready to grow further to grow stronger I'm a singer company girl on my voice matters we're singers company go and our voice matters hi I'm Katie I'm Annie I'm and we're seniors company girls I am a senior's company I'm assuming this company girl i am in good company I macias company girl girl boys matter I have seen firsthand what this does for young girls it's something our country needs it's something women in America need and most importantly it's something that the girls of America's need these little girls are strong already but if we can get them into things like singers company they can become even stronger and what a force for good in this world these little voices can be

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