Share Music Sweden: DAJ 2013 – summer course in Sweden

I really like Share Music’s methods, I like improvisation Here regardless of your possibilities and capabilities You can express yourself as you feel Every time it can be in a different way, but always very interesting I have realised that I can experiment with different people.
Even language barrier does not play any role because there is more in depth perception and creativity which is very good I compare Share Music’s project with a great puzzle, consisting of fine details Any of our countries can put this puzzle into a picture
only when we are together When one country is missing, there are empty spaces left The music instruments we used surprised us a lot as well as an opportunity to feel your own body One can play not only as we are used to – playing piano
from music Without being a professional musician,
you can feel that you can create music You can make music with the help of your body with the help of sounds, which we were not aware of In the frame of the project we have
already tried to arrange similar meetings in Belarus With the people who attend day care centre for people with different abilities We held activities using Share Music’s methods there I should say it was amazing Even with our small experience we have seen that people like it they are pleased and interested We have very positive feelings nobody in Belarus works with adults with mental disabilities this way Generally speaking, this is a completely new direction for Belarus day care centres for adults with different
abilities started only 5-7 years ago with some attempts to engage them with music and creativity In most cases our specialists are unprepared So everything that we can learn
from this project, everything that we have seen is a great experience to implement it in Belarus

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