Rain “Isolated guitar 1: Gretsch 6120 ‘Chet Atkins'” (Beatles cover by The Ladders)

“Rain” is a song by The Beatles written by John Lennon It was first released in May 1966 as the B-side of their “Paperback Writer” single The single is noted for its backwards vocals over the song’s coda. It was the first time that reversed sounds had appeared in a pop song It’s just one of the many tape-manipulation techniques the band embraced at this time in fact “Rain” is also noted for other innovative technical features: in this part you can hear our cover with its final speed and in key of G Major. Actually, in order to be faithful to the Beatles original version, the rhythm track has been recorded at a faster speed and in a different key (A Major) and then slowed back at normal speed, till restoring the key of G major thus giving a radically different tonal quality to the music This guitar is a Gretsch 6120 ‘Chet Atkins’ Hollowbody with standard tuning Very similar to the one John Lennon played in this song More info and links in the description And now here is the song in its original speed, as it was recorded before being slowed down… RAIN – ISOLATED GUITAR 1 (ORIGINALSPEED)

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  1. Ciao, complimenti! Mi sono appena iscritto, se ti va di ricambiare sul mio canale eseguo cover chitarra e voce delle sigle dei cartoni. Avanti tutta con il canale, in bocca al lupo! 🙂

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