Radio [Free] Prague (Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia 1968)

This is Radio Prague, Czechoslovakia the legitimate voice of occupied Czechoslovakia. We broadcast on frequencies in the 48 to 51 meterbands in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian and Czech. Please tell all your friends and friendly radio stations. This is Radio Prague, Czechoslovakia and now we continue… Prague has risen up into its sixth day under foreign occupation the night was one of terror occupation troops fired at cars, motorcycles, every moving object without warning. The city was plunged into darkness nobody yet knows how many people were killed and wounded because the occupation forces even prevented ambulances from reaching their patients. The occupation units are changing and reinforcing their units stationed in Prague and in other parts of Czechoslovakia. At this moment the estimated number stationed in Czechoslovak territory is six hundred thousand. The unity of the people except for a handful of traitors and collaborators, which have forever been expelled from the nation, is absolute. The inhabitants of Prague has changed this ancient, historical city into a dead city. Number plates and road signs have disappeared or have been smeared off by thick coat of paint. Even the name plates of the inhabitants of individual apartments and homes have been removed.

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  1. Thanks for posting this historical recording. Radio Prague International still broadcasts on shortwave. Its show is aired by WRMI – Radio Miami International on 9955KHz, very strong signal here in southern Brasil.

  2. Yes, this situation in the radio is da same, when our prime minister of 56 revolution, Imre Nagy spoke 2 the nation. The UN said to kadar n rakoshi, rákosi that finish terror, and make peace to Hungary. The sad thing, unfortunately they have shitted their OWN nation! For a while, people in Hungary belived that the USA can help them. Because the Fre Europe Radio said, that truman has ordered the US Army to Hungary, to make freedom here. Unfortunately the suez-conflict has begun, n Egypt needed help. Truman was n ass-hole because he said the situation is not enough bad, to need the help of the usa. The american government that it's only a cold war and we're bad because, n the saddest, the american goverment thought that the revolution is an anti-revolution, like most of the communists and socialist said. I heard a few years ago that Elvis Presley helped to hungarians with money. After that, an other socialist or rather communist country in that time, Poland helped hungarian with foods clothes and medicines as well! The saddest thing that "systemchange" was only theatral rule, a huge trick, a lying. I think, if someone would ask me, that what do i think about, what's the biggest lying of history? Not just in the hungarian history, BUT THE BIGGEST LYING IN HISTORY OF THE WORLD EVER! AT ALL! MY ANSWER WOULD B: SYSTEMCHANGING IN EASTERN EUROPE INCLUDING HUNGARY AS WELL! So ja, ich guckte dieses kürzen Video. Diese Tage und Teil der Weltgeschichte man heist der Frühling in Praag… Und durch dem Radiogesprochen, denke, daß paßiert die bei uns in Ungarn paßiert gehabt vor 7 Jahren. Manche in Ungarn konten einen internationalen Radiokanalen anhören, den Frei Europa hies. Aber das Frei Europa Radio sprach ungarisch, diese Frau im Radio Praag englisch sprach. Und "sie sagte" daß sie machen das Program auch in deutsch, natürlich tschechisch, rußisch, französisch und italienisch! Die Sowjetunion ist in der Tschexlowakei gegangen, wie bei uns in Ungarn in 1956. Eines Tages, glaube aber leider das sicher nicht ist, vielleicht am 27sten Oktober, in 1956, das ungarische Radio, das Koschut Radio hat gesagt daß die Freiheitskampf und die ganze Rewolution selbtst gewinnen ist! Rußische, in dieser Zeit, sowjetische Soldaten waren aus Ungarn grgangen, der Ministerpresident ist Imre Nagx geworden sein, und r sagte daß r freie Wählen möchte. Ja, aber leider kadar hat Nagx änden und r, kadar ist nach Moskau, Ruschtschov zu sehen gefangen. Dieser Ratze fragte ruschtschov, was sollen zu tun, und ruschtschov sagte daß die sovjetische Soldaten werden wieder in Ungarn sein. Leider am 4 November, der Komunismus hat gewinnen. Keine Demokrazie, keine freie Wählen und kein humane Rechts in Ungarn! Wie jezt!

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