Pretty Rhythm Special ep6

Everything’s ok! Let’s go blast it out!! Hey, what’s wrong Aira? I can’t get excited at all…. Relax,relax… I’m worried, what if the customers laugh at me.. Don’t worry, I’ll be there with you. The customer’s eyes look scary. The customers are scary.. Calm down Aira. That’s right! What? How about sunglasses? Not those, definitely not those. How about this? That would make you look really suspicious,,, Well how about this? Those would make you look suspicious, no you would look definitely suspicious.. Is this fine? Do you even know what we’re doing anymore? We’re doing a Prism Show, and why would you
think that would be appropriate for your decor? You’re right.. Wouldn’t it be alright if you pictured the customers as pumpkins? Pumpkins? That would make them look even scarier… They wouldn’t be lettuce.. Not turnips or eggplants either.. Hey, Rizumu are fruits out of the question as well? What are you even thinking!! Look.. just image the things I’m going to say in your head. Every one of the customers are fruits. Every one of the customers are fruits.. Fruits.. Fruits.. Fruits.. Fruits… Ah.. I can see them! There are a lot of fruity customers. I can smell the aroma as well.. Right, that’s the way! Hello there Grapefruit-san. Wow Pineapple-san.. you and Raspberry-san look great together! What Aira? Kiwi-san, Mango-san, thanks for cheering for me all this time! Aira, that’s enough.. All those Cherries, are you doing well? Come back to me Aira! Peach-san.. Angle-san.. Bajana-san the shows are very fun right? Aira… Apple-san, Orange-san, I thank you for watching all of my shows! Dried mango-san, do you understand? Aira.. I wasn’t saying talking fruits… That’s it…

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  1. 空想世界パンパンない!あいらのフルーツのお客に手を振っていくのがおかしい

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