Pretty Rhythm Special ep51

“Pretty Rhythm Wrap-up Party” Everyone’s late. We can’t get this party on the road without them. They’s here! Sorry, We’re late! Pre-Pre Pretty Magical Transformation! Rizumu-chan!? M-Mion-chan? The Prism Jump reveals one’s true heart. Jun-san!! Why are you all dressed like that!? We do it all the time. Yeah. Heya! I’ve lost count of all the Manzai acts and Kansai dialects that we’ve done. I’m made to wear this takoyaki costume. At least you’re not a yatsuhashi cookie. I wonder does anyone know what it is. I’m Yamada. It’s time for a song! “Prism Comedy Show”? Thank goodness. That was just a dream. Yeah. There’s no way that could actually happen. Good night, everyone! It’s hard keeping up this act every day. Now, then… Mommy! I’m gonna be late! Hold it right there, Magical Mion! Don’t you dare eat my pudding! Yamada-san. Penguin Lovey-Dovey Rising! Something’s weird! You’ve finally realized it. The Cloud Ear Mushroom Lady’s here! She’ll erase my memories! WELCOME! Where am I? You’re late, Aira. This doesn’t make sense! This can’t be happening! This happens all the time. Please send me back to the real world! Your dream is far from being over. Maybe?

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  1. Well that's the last of these crazy things. And I guess Aira must be stuck in some kinda coma dream that she can't wake up from. Or the dreaming world has been taken over by nightmares and has bled into the waking world.

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