President Jacob Zuma graces three Sotho radio stations

video stations muttering FM CD FM and tabular if M and now all together these radio stations have a listenership of more than 10 million people the president is expected to deal with a range of issues from unpacking the January 8 statement to other issues affecting as South Africa as a little if we can listen in right now I to that interview that just starting there were some violence that engulfed the city as a result of some very strong feelings about certain things and of course the ANC since that time it has been engaging in any even at that point who engage the members as to what was happening and I'm sure at the right moment a full report will be given and certainly where there would be a necessity of consequences that would be the case that one would only say when the report is there which is able to say what is it that actually happened etc so if the matter still being investigated we can't predict that look this would be the conclusion and therefore the action but this one the only thing is that if there has been ill discipline and that matter must be taken seriously and the aims is taking that matter very serious this year's going to be particularly very busy for the party for you culminating at the end of the year with the election conference of the ANC they have been several names being put around one of them the samples are not the limited nature of the African Union Commission is there a imperative for women present and the country folk oh well of course from our point of view the the time for the names should be coming so to speak because we believe that the first thing that we need to do as the ANC is to deal with the issues that the ANC conference will be expected to take decisions on as you'd know in the middle of the air twas the end of June we will have a policy conference wherein we would be looking at our policies adjusting introducing prep probably other things on a number of things that is what should be preoccupying the ANC membership and leadership but of course as you know people at times are very keen to to make the choices the Democratic right but generally we wouldn't want to engage on that long before conference as you can see this is January December is very far we've got a lot to do that we've got it to be doing but as you know there has been in a sense murmurings about this issue for a long time even last year already we were saying no that does not do it to those who are making kind of pronouncements we are still saying no this is not the moment to do so to a large extent but not necessarily because this time the air has started and people are feeling we need to be doing something partly because lobbying making proposals and everything is not prohibited in the ANC all we are saying the timing of it is important that we should particularly if the leadership is saying let us not do it but show in this case one of the difficulties is that it turns some of the colleagues or comrades while in the leadership they have also made some pronouncement which makes it very difficult so that you can say to all our structures only that's why we keep on saying no even to those who are senior please this is not the time I will keep on doing so the leadership to ensure that this is a kept and under control just to complete your question whether the ANC or the country is ready for a woman president I think it is yeah you would know that the ANC has led the charge in so far as promoting the empowerment of women and they are in very key leadership sin outside of the government within government in the ANC this is no longer the issue really it has been accepted that they can hold any other kind of position so that is not an issue at all that's why no one is talking about that is in the end that is no longer the issue the issue of course I'm sure particularly the women as you know even when we went to program in 2007 the issue had already arisen that they needed at the top six a very important position should be held by a woman at that time I think they were looking at the deputy president which was in itself a new kind of thing so that issue is less relevant coming then even at that time dr. de minimus came the proposal was for the DVD president of the party here which was not or did not happen at a time yes now every time you hear this being your character because I so many people did it is going to be and maybe abroad will know that you you you are there working in such hope you gave me far away and VIII's confirmed every time people say but the transition phase the difficulty must become the president of the party help us to understand that if it saw or is a position that any one any nation or anybody who is nominated could contest anyone who's nominated could contest is not there is not there's no policy so it's not true it's not true that it is a tradition people say because it had happened on a number of occasions that those were they were being a deputy president they become president if for an example you take a since the unbending of the ANC as you know when president tumble was no longer able through the help to continue a present Mandela who had they Wed become the deputy oh president Ambo he then naturally became the the president thereafter is at that time I am the the deputy president soon who had come in because there was a fight there was going to be a bit of a conversation of the younger generation than them in the conference because this is always they allowed the proper enema and and and then I think many Congress felt we did not need that kind of conversation at that time and therefore the proposal that that justice Souter should become a deputy president of the ANC was done and agreed but as you know he had been the deputy president – President Mandela so it did not automatically because he has been then yet the country deity to become a president so that is just a feeling that people say well it has happened to one or two why not it is the way people motivate before the names there they would want their rafta of course Peggy became the deputy president – Mandela and at that time once that he became the deputy President Mandela Zuma became the national chairperson that turbo had been there was just a coincident of a period in the kind of caters that in a sense have been following one one after the other that Zuma also became the president as you know that in itself there was a conversation between the president and the deputy president which is not like a culture but it tells you that democratically there is nothing that says once you are a deputy president he's then a foregone conclusion because there has been contestation even at that point even in Manga um as you know quite a number of people I think are about three comrades who had conducting for this position so I'm just saying it's not a policy it's not even like an accept tradition Asajj it has just happened that at the given time certain people with the kind of understanding from other conveys well well this one could further etc so that is not a it is a statement that we just make not because it is true for example the English all right that was President Jacob Zuma tonight he is addressing three s ABC sit to our stations of course that entity being conducted in English at 10 million people of sir will be able to attune in unpacking various issues and of course and coordinate la meaning Zuma his ex-wife has already been endorsed by the Women's League and ANC Youth League in kwazulu-natal calling for her to be the next ANC leader at that elective conference of the

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