Pokemon Go: Here's Who I am! (Get To Know Me)

ah hey guys are Oh white ladies gentlemen you too since since y'all know who dis here's the Superboy funding today's day is Friday made the tenth so I am at my secret spot as you can clearly see it's been a minute since I've been here and showing it off for you guys but I'm gonna do something different because as I'm getting more subscribers with that set I'd like to thank you guys as we finally hit 600 subscribers so now the goal is to get up to 700 ultimately hopefully we get a thousand before a go fest but that's what's going on right now but let me show you guys over here real quick we bout to spin this polka stop and I already check the a palm and the rat neither one was shiny by the way so there you go with that but here's what we're gonna do today is we are getting more and more subscribers I realized that I haven't really shared much about myself with you guys so while I'm walking around spinning polka stuff because I need a lot of items I need a lot of polka stops pokeballs right there I'm gonna tell you guys a little bit about myself so yeah in terms of like you know nothing says Who I am but what I like some of the things that I dislike why I started you – hi guys – Pokemon and things of that nature so yeah we bought the is our thought that was a cider but yeah we better go this way see ya let's go all right so let me spend this poker stock real quick and then I can explain to you guys exactly get a hot came to be so I was born and raised and currently live in the city of Detroit Michigan op C in the United States and I was born on August to 1890 turns out of the year and how old I am that's classified but if you want to guess you can leave your guesses in the comment section below in terms of how old I am I would never reveal that answer but anywho moving on from there you know I went to school obviously as we got a problem right here let's see if it's shiny and it's not shiny I went to school timber fade back to school was my elementary school then I went to middle school which is less injured middle school then of course I went to CMA which was my high school gear times then diddle cause I went to college the first college I went to were Schoolcraft College and that's where I got my associates in computer graphics technology and I got a certificate in music technology so there you go right there some of the images in the logos that I made and all these special effects on my videos came from that little course the music background was right there as well and then after that I went to a second college got went to a bachelor's as this a pong kicked out I wanted a bachelor's in computer graphics I went to Marygrove college and I got a Bachelor of Arts in graphic design and at that time the reception was going on so it was not only hard to find a job back then but it was hard to find a graphic design job or web design job in the state of Michigan why won't you stay in the ball it was hard to find that type of job here in this state so knowing that and knowing that you know in this field it was going more towards coding I decided to go back to college and I got an associate's degree in web development from Baker College down in Allen Park so in terms of my job speaking of is my first type of job was RadioShack which is now out of business the majority my job has been retail so that's my first type of job that's how the business next up were Stephen Barry's which is also out of business and at the same time I was working at Ford Field where the Detroit Lions play for one season and even though obviously they're still growing but some of you sports fans believe that the Detroit Lions should be out of business that's not story for another day then after that I got into Gamestop and that's a company that will soon be going out of business you get the pattern here and then I start working for a telemarketing company called dial or marketing and I haven't heard a peep from them so it would not surprise me at all if they went out of business but you get the point then after that I was working for measurement incorporated and that's still going strong but the location where I was at is out of business and then after that rob was attending Baker College which is an Allen Park which is going out of business by the way I was working I was doing work study at the cafe and from there you know another company picked that up and I was under that company and now I work in NIT so it's all worked out pretty good for me so that's pretty dope but I do say so myself let's get out of this let me transfer this a pawn real quick so there you have it there's my educational background in terms of school in my professions and my work history things that nature but yeah we're gonna keep it moving catch some Pokemon get some more pokeballs and stuff like that and I'm gonna tell you a little bit more about me see it let's go [Applause] your boy got that bad balance so we got a Chimchar here so I'm about to capture this thing real quick so how did I get into YouTube so as most people did I got to you too as somebody who just wanted that going there watch videos and wow I don't remember when I first got on YouTube this was either 2008 or 2005 I don't remember exactly when I like create a YouTube account and just start about the videos things that nature but my first account wasn't true in front of my goals adventure it wasn't even true in front it was something totally they found like I'll share with you guys what it is but yeah there you go with that I did start making videos at some point you know a few years later like I was making a bunch of Baltimore wasn't caught them joints Baltimore remixes and you know showcasing my beats and things that nature but it wasn't till the trouillefou China got started which was I think Christmas Day in 2012 that's when I actually created that channel and you know it's up to this day and it's still active not as active as this one but it's still active nevertheless stone on that challenge that's when I was doing game commentaries we're doing beat making videos I was reviewing old albums that was like 10 years old or older and I was doing Let's Plays and things that nature and at one point in time I'll have some park my gold content on there as well which I call true blogs now what led me to create this channel if I was showing me put my gold content on another channel was hybrid module shout out to hybrid mongoose he suggested that I created a pokemon gold only channel so people who just want to put them on gold content won't have to deal with my other content so I did that in here we are so I created this channel March of 2017 and here we are so that's basically how I got to youtube now some of the youtubers that I follow over the years outside of the pokemon gold community was Myra entertainment Chris move Dean chick the Jana claymores and then of course I got to Epic Meal Time I got into the black or car guy who at one point in time was called my the wood negro and of course the game Illuminati crew they did not discover dashi games like a DSP and in a homemade curry kitchen who is also from Detroit so yeah that's a big time youtuber right there that if you're from Detroit em is black you need a follow him without question another coat there was other youtubers there you know I watch this day as well actually we do take us as another one as well so yeah there you go with that now it turns out within the Pokemon go community in case y'all don't know the very first pokémon gold country critter that I discovered was hybrid mongoose and it was plenty hard discovered him because when the game first came out I was hearing stuff about nests I'm like what is this nest I need to find out what that is and then when I found out what it was I'm not okay I need to find a Bulbasaur nests of Pikachu nests or a Charmander nests in the squirrel nests because those are the ones that really want it so I was lucky trying to find them and then I accidentally went into his video which was his Bulbasaur video where you know the starters those nests we made the same four months as every other nests were changed like every three weeks or so something like that so he did a review on a bubble nest I forgot the name of the part but it's like somewhere in downtown Detroit I watched that video I'm like oh man he's loco so I started following here I subscribed to him I will share his videos out as well it is we actually started talking he our total how like knowledgeable he was about the game and then he told me no there's another guy who knows about the game way more than he do and that was trainer tips so then of course I subscribed the training tips and the first video I saw his was when he introduced the cipro app I think it was the Apple 2 website no it wasn't an app that wasn't existed yet so it was the website and then of course you can like submit your nets and things and engineer and from there on I started watching Trinity's videos and then of course it was like a family tree or who's who in terms of Pokemon consecrated so after I learned about Reverso and Ben 10-1 and of course mr. seven then of course Harley then dx1 and Sinbad and the rest was history so that's basically my iu2 journey now it turns out how I got into Pokemon we explained that at another spot so yeah let's go hopefully I don't fall all right so we made it to the back of the secret spot and we got its number right here let's see if it's shiny real quick and no it's not shiny all right so how do I get into Pokemon I have to say for most of us in America we got to poke my fruity anime or you know at the time we thought were just a cartoon a kids show not knowing what a anime really was at the time I will admit so that's how I got to Pokemon Pokemon in my opinion is one of the big four that came from Japan over to America and created a cultural impact throughout the country and throughout the world so I should be talking Pokemon Dragon Ball Z yugioh and Sailor Moon those to me I considered to be the big four and obviously I was a fan of all four of them yes even Sailor Moon don't judge me but yeah so obviously it was the anime that I got me going so I watched all the episodes anytime he was on I would sit down to watch it so obviously I was a huge fan of the first generation the og as I called him so obviously with that came the mainstream game so we're talking my red blue and yellow my first ever put my game that I got was red that was the one that I got on the Game Boy Color I still got it to this day and I was determined to get all 152 not one but two Pokemon and I did so after I beat red I also oh this another April let's see if it shining and no it's not honey so after I beat red I still have to get all 150 again to Pokemon so I got pokemon yellow which was my second ever mainstream Pokemon game and then after that I went to Blockbuster who remember blockbuster I took blockbuster it went it pokemon blue and I played that game all the way up to the point where I got all the pokemon that I wanted so I also rented Pokemon Stadium and I had the transfer cable so you could transfer Pokemon from red blue yellow over to Pokemon Stadium so what I did was I transfer all the pokemon that I needed from blue over the stadium and I transfer them back from Stadium to read and I did the same thing from yellow to stadium stadium to read and that's how I got all 152 Pokemon say probably what do you mean fifty-two there's like a glitchy pokemon that some people thought was like the beginner JIT too so that's the one I'll talk about I got that thing as well so yeah there you go there so that's how I got to Pokemon but then after that I still watch the show but in terms of the Main Street games and I'll quote of course I played Pokemon snap as well only 1064 but in terms of the mainstream games I kind of stopped playing them and cuz mostly our focus on red and yellow obviously but I don't know I just fell off from the mainstream games it wasn't until diamond pearl was coming out and at that point had a DS ideas like too busy and diamond the Pearl was coming out something like okay I need to get diamond diamond look this dope so I got diamond and that's how I got back into the mainstream the game so I played diamond I think I played pulled as well also got black and right play those I played was it alpha sapphire and Omega Ruby as well and then of course I got X&Y and oh yeah I got that as well and then I also got uh was it Sun the moon and I didn't like something move so here there you go with that but that's how I got into Pokemon so how I created the Pokemon go child at the time I guess you could say where I got to I'm making Pokemon girl videos at the time when this came out my mindset was oh man nobody is gonna jump on this like nobody's gonna make a youtube channel or do YouTube videos based on this I'm not really one of the select few and boy was I wrong but yeah so that's how to start making pokemon gold videos we started on my other channel but then I brought it over here and obviously it's been going pretty good if I do say so myself so I almost done here I'm out you know give you guys a little bit of info about me as we try to again get some more items so yeah stay tuned alright so before I wrap this video up I guess I could give you guys a little bit of info additional info about so in terms of Pokemon that is my fifth all-time favorite franchise and tons of you know entertainment and meat advice number ones at also between Dragon Ball Z and Kingdom Hearts without crushing their number 3 is a toss-up between Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers and in the course program I will be closed filled followed by started the Hedgehog game yugioh so there you go with that my all-time favorite movies my top 5 favorite movies writer or The Lion King play at 1 ready player one rather he's got Pilgrim vs. the world straight the comfy and be Incredibles the first one see those are my all-time top 5 favorite movies right there I'm shopping huge sports fan I like basketball that's my favorite sport but also a big football fan and your boys a golfer so I like to watch golf especially Tiger Woods playing but yeah you know I'm mostly a big-time sports fan also I am a big-time music playing as well so I listen to just about anything with the exception of country and western music not country I'm gonna give it another shot I really do want to give another shot gotta hit a country song one time and I was like this sounds dope but I couldn't figure out who was singing the song in the name of the song so I like to give country another shot but we try to go but outside of those two I listen to just buy anything rapping about Rab jazz blues rock classic rock heavy metal classical opera J PI K pop you know video games soundtrack music things that engine based I listen to anything just about again for the sense of the country which I really give another chance and resident I straight to rest in music but that's pretty much it oh and obviously video games I do play video games not as much as I used to when I was younger I just really don't have the time to play like that otherwise I do have a ps4 a Xbox one a Nintendo switch obviously I also have the Wii U the Nintendo Wii ps3 PS to Dreamcast expert but I didn't have an xbox 360 about rated at in I had a PSP 300,000 by trade that in still got my 3d air still got a DS Lite still again still got my gameboy color got my Super Nintendo Sega Genesis Nintendo 64 to this day and I believe that's all the game system that at one point of time I had a game genie and I had a regular Nintendo but in stock birthday I still have those games so one day I'm gonna get me like a knockoff of a Nintendo so I can still play those games things that nature but that's pretty much it you know so that's about it about me so yeah I'm gonna do a Twitter post where I'm gonna ask you guys or let you guys ask questions about me so there's anything in this video that I did not cover that you will know about me not my age I'm not tellin y'all my age or my dress or my social security number and he dig like that but yeah follow me on Twitter which is true infernal Paul goes the all world world you know TR you I had a PRN of P oh ji-ho all we were true for the pogo follow me on there in at some point in time over the next week or so I'm opposed to Twitter poll but the Twitter post asking you guys is there anything that you want to know about me any questions that you have for your boy and you can let them fly and then I will do a video of myself answering your questions so yeah that will be coming up in a few weeks so with all that said y'all know who this is this is part of New jig a suite aka the new Steven Naismith say peace out y'all and I'll see y'all next time here after you subscribe to the channel make sure you click the bear icon so you never miss a new video or a live stream ever again thanks guys sniffing in a wall with some more promise of phonics my heart was getting hard so that look to the skies say yeah imma leave with the guard in the park

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