Percussive notes – rhythm guitar

Hi Stuart Bahn here and this is video 9 in this series of rhythm guitar videos. In this video we’re going to look at putting percussive notes into our playing. Now this is most common with finger picking. Finger picking is a great approach for rhythm guitar playing anyway, particularly if you want to try and create more intricate rhythm guitar parts. So we’ll just talk about putting it on beats 2 and 4 to begin with. So let’s take a basic rhythm guitar part; it might be this… Now putting a string slap, which is this, on beats two and four effectively is like having a snare drum it is in the same place as where the snare drum would be in a drummer’s part. So inserting that gives us this… and it’s just a little bit more interesting so you can apply that to almost any rhythm guitar part or at least try it and see whether it’s appropriate. It just gives some more rhythm to the part it makes; it a bit more interesting things get a little bit more tricky when you try to put in extra bass notes so if I stick with this groove and try and put in a couple more chords it’ll go this Now let me put in the string slaps properly. Now one of those was more tricky than the others and it was … let me play it through. So this was OK. THIS one … so what I did there was I did a string slap but I actually had to pick a bass note on, I think it was beat 4. so you might want to, once you’ve graduated beyond putting a string slap on 2 and 4 try and get used to the idea of picking with the thumb whilst you do the string slap. It’s quite unintuitive so it does take a fair bit of practice but once you’ve got it it’s a great tool. Here’s one more way of decorating your music with percussive notes and it’s really lifted from what bass players sometimes do which is to do this… or something like that. You can just
squeeze in these little rhythmic patterns in between your chord work as long as it doesn’t derail your basic rhythm playing. So if I got this chord I could go … it’s quite an effective little tool so let me just try and carry that through a chord progression that I happen to know it goes like this… Quite effective. As usual just practice this stuff; try and squeeze in these little fills as best you can and after a while it starts to form a normal part of your musical vocabulary. As usual please give it a thumbs up if you thought this video was helpful. Click subscribe and I can send you more. Bye for now.

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