Nightwish – Noise (Music Video) | Reaction/ with English subtitles

What’s up bitches?
We are NeonPetunias! And today we’re listening to Nightwish – Noise. These are the people who suggested this song. That was perfect. We’ll be watching a music video only. And we’ll analyze the lyrics. And this is, like, supposedly… This is a new song.
-Yup. This is from the upcoming album.
-Yes. It’s coming out soon. In April, right?
-Yeah? Let’s watch it. My god!
-Is this Floor? That would be great. Sacrifice the child! I don’t like babies. That always sounds weird. I’m in. Tuomas!
-Awesome, everyone’s here. Floor’s everywhere. Is this that child?
-Maybe. Turn it up a bit. Omg, Floor! That hair.
-Yeah! That’s the pipe-guy. Troy, right?
-Yeah. What’s that on his head?
-I don’t know. Ok, everyone’s on their phones.
-Yup. Mona Lisa! And they’re not seeing the beauty in front of them.
-Yeah! And no one sees it. They’re not seeing the art!
-Yeah. Nice! Everything’s reversing. Is that a duck? I didn’t see. It said man power or something like that. Oh, Tuomas.
-Tuomy! I can’t read everything.
-Yeah! Fat-away. It is a duck!
-Yay! A plant, ok. And a tree…
-He loves the tree. So we have to…actually we’ll discuss it later.
-He’s a nature lover. Let’s focus more on…
-Yes. We were analyzing the video.
-Yeah. We don’t even need to comment on her voice.
-Yeah. Ducky! Poor ducky!
-For real! They killed him! Cos he wasn’t interested in the phone anymore. No, it’s cos it turned red.
-Yes, you’re right! I’m trying to pay attention to everything.
-Yeah, but it’s impossible! Drums are great. Aliens… Eww!
-Disgusting! I like his hat.
-The hat. They’re killing him, and he’s taking a selfie!
-Yeah! He’s on the toilet! I wanna be that duck. This is that baby from the beginning.
-Yeah! Oh, this is the baby. What? There’re more babies?
-And 1 grown up? What? And there we have the beauty of nature. The world… That’s what it’s about. We don’t need to read the lyrics. I think it’s pretty obvious. But that was great! And it’s impossible to catch everything on the 1st listen!
-It was nice. Yeah! But probably, I mean… When they perform this song live, we’ll probably listen to it again.
-Oh yeah! We’ll definitely do that. That was great!
-Yeah! I couldn’t catch everything!
-Me neither! A lot of things were happening in the video… Yeah! You can’t follow the video, let alone everything else.
-And I wanted to see everything that’s happening in the video. And if I focus on one thing, I neglect everything else.
-Yeah! The video is pretty obvious.
-Yeah. I mean… We’ll take a look at the lyrics but we got the idea.
-Well yeah. Well, there are some metaphors probably.
-Well yes of course. But yeah, it’s obvious. But I don’t understand…
-At the end, why there’re many babies but only 1 grown up? I think it’s…well, they show many babies in the end.
But they showed a man and a baby in one shot. So, you start with all that at a young age.
And you stay trapped in that virtual world. And the new children, born in this new…
-They’re… When I see mothers with little kids these days,
they’re distracting them by giving them phones. “Here, watch Peppa pig”. Or something like that.
-Yeah, true. They don’t pay attention to their kids.
They just distract them and go do some other stuff. Well, that’s the future.
-Noo! My kid will not see the phone before it’s 6. Yeah, and no internet while they’re little. I mean, ok…
-When did you get your 1st phone? I was, maybe… 8 or 9 years old. And they got me those small ones, just to keep in touch. I got mine when I was 10 or 11, I think. And I didn’t have the internet till recently.
-Oh yeah! Not literally, but you know. And this as well. In the end… Why is Tuomas bathing in that black stuff? And he’s holding a ducky. But the mask is similar to… Everything is toxic around him, but he still wants to
connect with nature. Maybe, I don’t know. The mask reminded me of the one that the baby had. But it doesn’t look that similar.
-No, it’s more like, you know… Like a mask against pollution.
-Yeah. But he’s still in the blackness.
-Yeah, cuz everything around him is toxic.
-Yeah. And that poor child with Floor. That’s a thing as well. Parents post pics of their babies while they still have umbilical cords.
-Yes, they literally do that. “Here’s my newborn daughter. You can see her umbilical cord here as well.” And they continue posting new pics everyday.
-Yeah. I don’t know… I don’t wanna judge anyone, but I disagree with that. I would personally never do that.
-For real, yeah. And how everyone is obsessed with their bodies.
-That fat-away thing, or whatever. Yeah. And the other ones, I don’t remember…
-Something “Man-something”… “You can solve everything with pills!” And that woman got injected. Botox!
-Eww! Botox! And so on.
-Anyway… Today’s society. Let’s read the lyrics. *reading* “Pose for the dead”, when that guy was getting killed and he just took a selfie. *reading* I mean, yeah. In general, people that take pictures of themselves every day and what they ear, drink or do, are mostly narcissists. Well, not only that but when they post their pictures like “This is me.” but that is all fake. Well, yeah.
-It doesn’t have to be all of the things. Like “I’m living my life like this.” And when they eat beans then they don’t take a picture.
-Yes, they only post fancy food. *reading* Yes, like… It means you need to do what it’s expecting from you. Yes.
-Especially if you are a celebrity. Like If they want to post something it’s like “No, how can you post that?”
-Everything needs to be perfect.
-Yes. Or It can mean that it has to be by those standards. Yes! Or like hide all your imperfections, only show yourself when you are having a great time and when you are all dressed up, etc. *reading* So, that noise is only in our brains. Literally, we all became paranoid about everything. I mean about popularity, etc. Likes…
-Yes! *reading* Yeah, “I’m so good person”. Only online. Or when they pretend like “I’m so depressed.”
-Oh, yes. Yeah, like “Love me!”
-Do they know what it means to be depressed? When I was depressed I didn’t talk with anyone, let alone post it on social media.
-Yes. Or when someone is cutting yourself and they post it. WTF?
-Some of them are doing that out of boredom or because it’s “popular”. I mean they are not totally cutting themselves. They only do that on the surface of the skin. Only just so you can see a little blood, and they post it. That is so wrong to people that really struggle from that.
-Exactly! *reading* We don’t have to be captured in the virtual world. You have so much more in reality. Real voice and not noise. *reading* Like everyone around me do that, so should I drown in that mas? Yes like “Join the gathering.”
-Or when you hear “Wtf is wrong with you? You are not on social media? OMG!” I’m like “I’m not using Facebook.” and everyone is like “How could you?” Facebook is shit.
-WTF? Facebook is old. Nice. In general, that is the message. It can’t be anything else. I mean there is probably something that we didn’t mention. And It’s really late. Who will turn on the brain now? But If we missed something…
-Probably we did.
-Or you want to add something, you can write it.
-Down below. Yes. But I think we already saw the message in the music video. It was clear immediately.
-Yes. But that doesn’t have to mean that the internet is bad or that social media are bad or whatever. Yes, but people made so many things “important”, but they are not. The Internet should be for connecting with people. For example like this, as we do. Or for example to explore something.
-I mention us only as an example. To connect with people that love the same music. Yes.
-To share opinions.
-To widen your horizons. Because we had a lot of comments like “I never heard of this band, they are awesome.” That is…
-That is the goal. Or when we see that people are talking to each other, that is wonderful.
-Yes, that is so nice! Anyway, thank you for suggestions! And also, I think by this song that album will be great. Judging by this song, I expect the album to be…
-Nice! We’ll react to that album when they publish it.
-Duh. And if someone has another suggestion, write it down in the comments. Even tho we have a lot of them, especially for Nightwish. So, that would be all for now and we’ll see you in the next video, bye!

23 Replies to “Nightwish – Noise (Music Video) | Reaction/ with English subtitles”

  1. Tuomas was bathing in the oil, because in the video, he was acting like he was protesting for nature, to get "likes" on social media, but in real life he was accepting of the oil. ;).. He was trying to show haw fake a lot of poeple are on social media.. if that makes sense

  2. Excellent In-depth analysis, you guys covered everything from front to back. Support the album ”Human. :II: Nature” Released April 10, 2020. #Nightwish 🀟🏻

  3. You get the message just about right, I guess. My russian isn't that good. The child is not Floor's, than a model. The blonde is a finnish instamodel Jessica EdstrΓΆm. I think they hammered the message a bit. Great visuals and a lot to digest. Btw finnish press has already previewed the whole new album. In very short, they think it's gonna be a Mammoth. Good or bad, we'll see. Greetings from Finland!

  4. I have no idea who Nightwish are but the video reminds me of a NIИ video from the 90's, that said, the vocalist has a very unique voice, solid band all round, enjoyed it immensely

    I'm curious to know, you just suggest a song title in the comments for a reaction?

  5. Thank you once again, always a pleasure watch you! I really like this new single and cannot wait new album. Ordered it same night when they opened shop.

  6. One thing I get from it is the first half is what people show you on social media, then in the last half of the video we see who they really are and what they really do. I'm pretty sure that's part of the message too. You picked up on a lot of it. Pretty good for your first time through. I'm looking forward to seeing them perform this live.πŸ€˜πŸ‘

  7. Excellent reaction guys! And spot on analysis as always!

    On the topic of Floor Jansen, I would like to request you guys react to Winner off of Beste Zangers. As extra credit, look up the back story of the song by the original artist before you do. πŸ™‚

  8. Well … NeonskePetunje, I want to give you a compliment. Your reaction is very nice and good! I mean in various ways: the volume of the music and the volume of your voices is in balance, the best I saw compared to most reactors, and your reactions are direct in/on the moment and to the point. And we can see that you 'like' the more disturbing moments of the clip. ( as I do ) The Nightwish-boys are not only lovely and positive in this clip ( as they were a bit in Elan ) , but they show a critical view of 'the world', but with the necessary self-criticism as they play the roles themselves. Destroying the world with oil, coal and other environmentally unfriendly substances, while you bask your bath duck (fairy tale, made of plastics) in the bath tub and playing a nature activist on facebook. ( Tuomos does self-reflection πŸ™ƒ)
    Thanks for this nice review!

  9. By the way, great reactions ladies. I do enjoy your reactions and thankful you add subtitles. Not all of us can Speak and read Russian as good as you do with English.. Bravo!

  10. Great reaction and may i say the longhaired girl is absolutely wonderful and so beautiful if im allowed to say, greetings from Norway πŸ˜‰

  11. I also pity the duck … in oil beause of human pollution…and yes…Tuomas protests for environment but at the same time baths in it – meaning how much oil is wanted even though it causes pollution. This video has to be looked through 100 times in order to get all the detailed methaphoras and understand them.

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