100 Replies to “night rain sounds – Rain on window 10 hours”

  1. At first I was thinking there should be more Likes on this video… but those 1,092,890 views were probably all done by the same 4.2K people that liked it… I literally play this as I sleep every single night. So thanks for the up; it's much appreciated. ^_^

  2. i pissed on that window for 10 hours straight.
    I m glad that there are many people here admiring my record

  3. Sounds like someone slaughtering a pig for a few minutes in the middle. Other than that, very restful.

  4. Love this . Have been playing it for the last 4 months and my son gets the best sleep . Without it he wake up a few time through the night. 👍🏽

  5. Am I typing or is this a dream… Whichever be thine case, I'm in heaven. Thank you! 💜🍀💜

  6. This is one of the most realistic and helpful ways to use sound to sleep, other than those white noise makers, usually used for babies.

  7. Roaa Why are you tired for you why do you have time for you while I am Thai from you why are you tired I found the right one you’ll know why I am too far you lying to her why am punch five yo

  8. 헐 듣자마자 바로 머릿속에 ‘와 전형적인 빗소리네’ 이생각들었음 ㄷㄷㄷㄷ

  9. I can't really sleep to anything but rain white noise, and it's really hard to find a sound without thunder. This one is actually perfect so now I can get well rested before school.

  10. Soo beautiful…thank you for sharing this masterpiece. 😃

    Loads of love to you all ❤

    God Bless 😇

  11. Who's you're favourite character in this 10 hour movie mine is black screen and rain droplets on the black screen no but actually this is relaxing food night from Poland 😴

  12. smilemedia!! Ü. Thank you so much for this video of beautiful rain; it helps with easing my fibromyalgia pain and actually helps me to feel sleepy. God Bless you. 💐🥰

  13. 비의 소리는 우리에게 많은 감정을 상기시킵니다. 추억이 쇄도하고 잠들기 시작했다. 대단히 감사합니다

  14. 비오는데 밤하늘에 왜 별이 떠있지?
    하고 들왔는데 아니네요ㅎㅎ
    이소리듣고 푹 자고싶다

  15. These Sounds Are Very Very Helpful For Making You Relax And Concentrate On Getting A Good Nights Sleep.(Remember To Turn Off All Lights And Concentrate On The Rain And The Narrator) 5 Stars!!!

  16. 어릴적 시골에서 비오는밤이 생각나는 그느낌. . 포근하고 추억 소록소록~~ 편해요. . 감사해요. .

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