36 Replies to “Neil Diamond – Song Song Blue (Stereo!)”

  1. This is a sad song but Neil made songs for every moments in one's life. And as the song says when something saddens us we have no choice really, we can only bear it. One of those songs which are timeless really because of the quality with which it was composed and sung.

  2. "Song Sung Blue"
    My favourite Neil Diamond song.
    Gives a message of Hope
    My Dad would sing this while in the garden and when he couldn't remember the words he'd make them up 🤣
    Whenever I hear it I think of My Lovely Dad

  3. It was love at first hearing. They were the years of Ceausescu's dictatorship when Western music (especially the American one) penetrated very hard in Romania. A friend who had received a tape from Germany asked me to listen to Neil Diamond. I was speechless. His warm baritone voice and the orchestration conception stick to my soul. I'm a big fan of "Brooklyn Roads", "MorningSide" and "Song Sung Blue" ballads. Let's not forget "September Morn" and the splendid duo "You Do not Bring Me Flowers" with Barbra Streisand.

  4. Thank you Neil Diamond for this mellow  "Song Song Blue."   I just love you and your wonderful and marvelous songs that    sing of love and life I can relate to them.     Sincerely,    Robert S.J.  Hu        March  4,  2019.

  5. Ironically enjoying these songs now, my aunt used to play these songs all the time. When I was a youngster, who’s life she made hell! I never liked these the songs because of this. But now age 53 today I can now enjoy them and feel only love 💖

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