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since 2006 music for everyone has awarded over two hundred thousand dollars in grants scholarships and program support to schools and community arts programs in Lancaster County most of that total has gone to schools primarily to purchase or repair instruments but as we have become more involved in the schools we realize that while all of those instruments were helping to address a resource gap there was also a growing instructional mentoring gap in our school music programs while you can provide every student in a class of 40 with the brand new instrument if there is only one teacher those instruments will never be able to unleash their educational and musical magic I like the music for everyone program because it helps young students learn how to play instruments and it's good for everybody to know a little bit of an instrument because it helps them nice we're a low-income family and we couldn't really afford to take part of all the beautiful classical music and classical music training that Marion has benefited by as we face this increasing need within our schools it's so important that the community comes together and help support our programs so that they can continue growing and expanding hence MFE in the schools was born this initiative places trained and seasoned professional musicians in schools to work alongside music teachers in the classroom to enhance the quality of musical education experience for the children additionally the extra staffing has created musical opportunities where they did not previously exist in the form of before and after school music activities in this way MFE in the schools is enhancing both the quality and quantity of musical educational experiences offer to our students so this is a wonderful program that is offering something beyond the school system education but the opportunities afforded through MFE in the schools go beyond the classroom to the streets and halls of Lancaster another focus of the program is to create and arrange for opportunities for students to perform in public the sense of pride and accomplishment that these young musicians feel when they have the opportunity to show their stuff is palpable I go into the different elementary schools and one middle school and I help with their string program I played a violin you know I really enjoy doing it you know I like the kids and they seem to learn so much and they enjoy it these little kids they really care about what they're doing and you know this program has helped them so much we have been so humbled by the generous support of the people of Lancaster County for music for everyone but music education programs continue to be cut therefore we have a lot more work to do we recognize that there are many worthy causes out there but we also know that musical educational opportunities should be something that are available for everyone we hope you join us as you work to make this become a reality thank you you

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