100 Replies to “Lizzo: Good as Hell (Live) – SNL”

  1. One of the best performances on SNL in a long time. Excellent live vocals, dancers working it, and the positive vibes all around. You can tell Lizzo, the musicians, and the dancers enjoyed themselves!

  2. I wish they would show the audience. Would loved to have seen their reaction to that amazing performance. Last SNL artist of the decade.

  3. Terrible, she’s not even talented. She sounds like a typical obese black woman trying to sing. It’s sad what passes for music now days. Pure garbage. Ewww shes not even a proportioned obese woman, her body is horrible, how does she reach her ass to wipe it, or does she pay ppl to wipe it. ..,,lol u couldn’t pay me enough to go near that gross ass

  4. I’m a hard rock/metal but even I can see that Lizzo is a cut above the rest in this awful decade of music. It actually sounds like she’s passionate about her music and not her money. Her music sounds so retro and yet so modern at the same time and I love that.

  5. Shes so disgusting 🤮🤮🤮🤮 dime a dozen "talent" at best but its 2019 so anyone who thinks they deserve something gets it and shes a big girl so we should throw money at her.

  6. So she shows all her ass in front of children and now she's on SNL wtf! This world is going down the wrong road trip. If we dont come together and fix this bs we're all going to…………. I don't know no more. Christmas mean what? So call red pill people…. Nexflixs these …..figger it out your self. I don't care

  7. I think Queen Latifah has already been there. I'm glad those poles were reinforced. Good for all of them, having a blast on national tv.

  8. See Taylor Swift and her frickin fans a true performer doesn't sing the song the same way so take notes this girl is the truth I think she should do some Broadway musicals I wish she was in some of the skits

  9. #snl Thanks for upload here in Australia. Usually we have to wait for years before we can able to watch it in your official youtube video. Good initiative. Keep it up.

  10. I gotta say she rips at live performing. From a purely dude perspective, I don't relate to the empowerment aspect at all but the music aspect is fuckin flames

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