“Legal Talk” Radio Show – Longest Running Legal Talk Radio Program in USA

Transcript Karp & Hart Video – Legal Talk
Overview (Opening Solo Acoustic Guitar Music) (Caption) Karp & Hart Stephen Karp: When you need protection. Peter Hart: Peace of mind. Stephen Karp: In a world of uncertainty. Peter Hart: Relax. Stephen Karp: We’re Karp… Peter Hart: …and Hart Peter Hart: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen
and welcome to another edition of Legal Talk. I’m Peter Hart Stephen Karp: And I’m attorney Steve Hart Peter Hart: Steve and I co-host this show
and Steve’s here today to also answer any our caller’s questions. So welcome aboard! Stephen Karp: We’ve been doing this show – Legal
Talk – for 24 years – it’s the longest running legal talk show in the United States. People
don’t get a chance to talk to lawyers of course unless they are paying them, and all our advice
on legal talk is free. And it gives people a chance to see what lawyers do – when we
have the lawyers come in – and also to answer their questions about the law. (Caption) Those Questions Include but are
Not Limited to Malpractice Stephen Karp: You have depositions and you
have the doctor’s reports and all that, but a medical malpractice case – you need experts
to prove it. (Caption) Slip and Fall Peter Hart: Well Steve, just because some
falls on someone else’s property doesn’t necessarily make the property owner responsible. (Caption) Full and Limited Tort Peter Hart: a limited tort limits what they
are able to sue for. (Caption) Insurance Stephen Karp: …and these policies are so
complicated and long – and the insurance companies don’t want you to know exactly what it is. (Caption) Stay Tuned for Extended Karp & Hart
Conversations (Music Fades Up) (Caption) Please Contact Our Office for More
Information (Caption) (610) 430 2200

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