Lauren Jauregui Presents Rosalía With Rising Star Award | Women In Music

– Our 2019 rising star is
rising so fast it’s cosmic. Her energy has taken the world by storm. Just a few weeks ago she
won Album of the Year at the Latin Grammy Awards, making her the first solo female
performer to win that award since Shakira in 2006.
(some audience cheering) She has also been nominated
for two American Grammys, including one for Best New Artist, with a full Spanish language album. (audience applauds) Rosalia has the depth of an artist who has been with us for generations. She has collaborated
with creative supernovas Pharrell, James Blake, and J Balvin. She fuses flamenco with
the sounds of today using interesting sonic scapes
to make innovative music we can lose ourselves in. She samples non-traditional
sounds for her offbeats, and confronts real-life
issues in her lyrics. Rosalia is not afraid of anything. Her melodies, vision, and voice create an experience that transports us. Rosalia credits a range
of female musicians in her childhood inspiration, and at this rate she is rising, countless future musicians
will say the same for her.

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