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Hello, I’m German and I’ll bet you a notebook that you once played Mario Bros. hello, I’m Germán And the week’s topic is… Music The music, what would be of me without the music what would be of you without the music what would be of musicians without the music music is the only thing that doesn’t leave you and becomes part of your life or maybe you have not happen that you hear a song that you didn’t hear for a long time and that come to your mind a thousand memories The music is the expression of feelings It’l be love hate Revenge Or for those people that doesn’t like to do the laundry in their houses Yes… there are also songs for people that doesn’t like to do the laundry in their houses I don’t like to do the laundry hey! fucking laundry The music can be really helpful when you are trying to get a girl Tell me, what girl doesn’t like to be sung You don’t know what you really mean to me You don’t know that without you, I can’t live Your so sweet Let me express my feelings by a song Wtf? Oh.. Alright, then keep singing Alright, maybe it has to be chosen a better music style Not that it happened to me… When you’re in the street listening to music with earphones, that’s another level It transform instantly your day into a music video You are the protagonist of the most amazing music video ever… Or that’s what you think ‘Cause when in your head you look amazing The rest of the people see you like this… Everybody in a several point in their lives, want to involve themself with the music And I refer by not only listen to music like learn to play an instrument The most typical instrument to start is “Guitar” A lot of people prefer to learn to play by themselves But some other prefer to go to classes How much time would you take to learn? It depends in what you’d like to learn Case 1 Hi, i’m here for the guitar lessons Alright, what type of music would you like to learn? Romantic music, ballads, that style Ok, listen In here we give classes once a week and each class it’s 1 hour You’d be playing good in… two weeks Case 2 Hi, i’m here for the guitar lessons what type of music would you like to learn? Like metal, and that type of music Ok, In here we give classes once a week and each class it’s 1 hour You’d be playing good in… 40 years Ok we have to admit it Even if it’s not my style of music When we are talking about guitar This guys give classes to everyone else ‘Cause when you are playing guitar hero in the most difficult level, with what type of music do you play? Enrique Iglesias? NO! Hey!! Enrique! What are you traing to say to me with that? That my songs aren’t good? No! Not at all, it’s just that when we are talking about guitar Oh no!, Don’t excuse yourself,the harm it’s done 🎵I cry for you 🎵 *Crying* Ok… The music is also very important in movies, series, etc. The music gives the feeling, atmosfera in that moment For example Can you imagine a romantic movie with the wrong song? You don’t know how hard it is for me to say this What are you talking about, Pedro? You know that I love with all my heart But… You and I, we have to break up No! Yes, you and I know that this is an impossible love No Pedro, if you and I are together, nothing it’s impossible Bye my love I will never forget you Pedro, come back. No!! Not the same, right? We all love music Or at least I don’t think it exists anyone that don’t But like they say, everything in its time and place Sometimes you come from school or work really tired The only thing you want is get home and rest You get into the bus, sit, relax and suddenly… Good evening passengers, it’s not my inttention to botter you, I will only sing and if you like it I hope you subscribe or give me some money Thank you 🎵I’m a nice person, i only come to sing🎵 🎵I joyfully sing, and so happy🎵 🎵 Alright, maybe nobody will sing you in the ear and so awful But when you are tired it feels like that Sometimes some people don’t respect some music styles Saying that their style of music is harder than some else’s For example, before I thought that rap wasn’t so difficult The only thing you had to do was write some rhymes, and that’s it I said “pff” It can’t be so difficult Until I tried… yoo… yoo… I was walking down the street, and I found a friend And he said You have a nice belly button We walk to buy some food, and then he told me that… that I can’t do this… *Crying* That day I understood that before criticise any music style And then you’ll realize how “easy” it is Tolerence come to me! Question! Now that classes started and everyone is so “happy” because of that, the question is What is the asignature you hate the most? I hated history I am a person with a bad memorization So, having to memorize some that a dude did 200 years ago wasn’t something i liked Anyway And this was the weekly video, if you liked it put thumbs up in the button is below If it’s the first time you watch one of my videos and liked it “Subscribe” I post a new video every saturday Dont forget to follow me one Facebook and Twitter, like always the links are in the description below A psicologic hug And see you next saturday, bye bye Bye my love, I’ll never forget you

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  1. Te amo german te amo siiiiiii🔌🔌🔌🔌🔌🔌🔌🔌🔌🔌📟📟📟📟📞📞📞📞📲📲📲📲📲📲☎️

  2. yo soy un tipo muy humilde, solo vengo a cantar, yo quiero cantar mi alegria y felicidaaaad :v, yo con paz y mi zapatilla kamikaze

  3. Germán yo nunca e jugado mario bros = – = yo juego juegos de crepypastas todos estamos en el 2019 te reto a jugar peleas de crepypastas vs crepypastas U – U haber si no mures en el intento yo ya lo juge y si damiedo aparte de otros el juego de peleas no da miedo yo merefiero a otros juegos

  4. Comentarios en 2012:
    buen video 😀
    Jajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja me muero en esta parte
    Comentarios en 2019:
    ALguiEn eN 2019¿
    QuieN VEZ eSto por german¿



  6. yo DETESTO matematicas, like que a pesar que este video y el canal esten inactivos, sigamos viendolo en el 2019

  7. Jajaja yo aquí en pleno 2019
    Psd: A mi no me gusta la música :V
    En serio no me gusta aunque la escuche en todos lados ñee

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