37 Replies to “Kid Cudi "She Came Along" (new music song june 2009) + Download”

  1. I was going to comment saying how ignorant you are but then I realized you are just a YouTube racist. Peace be with you you poor confused little boy.

  2. @69fahadyousaf69 would there be poverty, hunger, war, disease? wouldnt all men have equality rather than the strong and rich over the weak and poor? think about it. religion is just a way to cope with the end. i live to make me happy and dont pray for someone else to make me happy

  3. The reason why we are having so much good music in the past few years, is some what to the talent of the artist.. Kid Cudi is one of the best there is no doubt… but he's inspiration is Marijuana… just like a lot of the artist from back in the day for example… Pink Floydd :)… Make it legal NOW!

  4. isn't it a shame that any and every disney channel star is a musician and they're all more well known than kid cudi? kid cudi has earned his respect and right to be called a musician. go home disney.

  5. @DaveTheBluesGuy True and it would be impossible to tell if their legacy will be similar until like forty years from now but personally I think it will be similar. Kid Cudi's music has a ton more depth than many rap or hip-hop albums, it's one of the first hip-hop concept albums that was extremely popular and he is also very diverse with his music (as in his music doesn't sound all the same) what with Wizard coming out.

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