Ken Jeong Says He’s The ‘Dumbest Judge’ On ‘The Masked Singer’

– Well congrats on season three of The Masked Singer. – Ah thank you, thank you so much. – My family, huge fans of the show. They totally guess before y’all do. They’re incredible at it. So what’s new this year? – First of all, it is just such an honor to be a part of an amazing family show that, you know, families love it and my kids love it. Alexa and Zooey. They love it. – What are their names? – It’s so fun to bring the family together to watch it. And this season is just bigger and better. The producers, God bless them. They just find new ways to reinvent themselves every year. But the talent pool is deeper. There are just more surprising reveals. It really has evolved. The show has just gotten better as it’s gone along. And you know, I’m invested into it as a fan even if I wasn’t on the show. I just love, it’s like America’s guessing game. – I love a game, so I’m in. Yeah I love trying to guess. I’m not as good. My sister nails it every time. – Really? – Yes. I’m horrible. – You’re looking at a guy that’s never got a guess right in three years. – Yeah I know you say
you’re the clueless judge. – I’m the dumbest judge
on The Masked Singer.

17 Replies to “Ken Jeong Says He’s The ‘Dumbest Judge’ On ‘The Masked Singer’”

    He was the only one to guess Thingamajig correct, and I would’ve never guessed Victor Oladipo.

  2. That’s such a fun show idea but like.. I suck at Artist names so I couldn’t be a judge. 🤣 it’s already hard enough putting the Artist with their actual song for me. So if they’re singing others… I’m dead lol

  3. This is random… But I needed to come onto the most recent video to say it… But Janet Jackson has been on all the talk shows lately… Please try to get her on your show… Kelly would FREAK OUT! I know she's a big fan!

  4. First of all I am a big fan and Just now I came across your YouTube channel Kelly. Well it’s entertaining and you are the best in everything you do. Lot of love from the republic of CHAD.

  5. Well he I hope Ken realizes Bow Wow is the frog, since that was one of his favorite guesses last season. He does have potential to guess right.

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