29 Replies to “John Mellencamp – Pop Singer”

  1. The video could not be more retarded. Somebody said "hey let's have a beach scene with a girl in a bikini and a guy who can't dance even though we're indoors and the song has zero content about beaches". Mellencamp says "ok"

  2. This record was so out of touch with the time. I find it ironic as well John M. sings about not wanting to be a pop singer in a music video. I mean thats what he is A POP SINGER!

  3. I love this video. The black girls are really cool dancers, but the white couple seems close to indecent. I swear it looks like he's rubbing her on the front of him….if you know what I mean.

  4. Just saw this guy two days ago. He is now 70(omg born in 1951!!!) or almost and he still kicks ass;doesnt miss a beat and never faulters a note. Always been one of my faves

  5. The bikini girl is smokin hot, what an amazing, natural, booming body she has. It's going on 3 decades and she still stands out as one of the hottest video babes ever. She is an absolute stunner and is immortalized in this video. By the way, this is a very cool song too.

  6. Explodes in me, the position of this great artist "rock".
    A man who has made me free, free in and free to go beyond all boundaries.
    Artist, my heart artist.
    I know by heart all his songs, lyrics, and why written.
    The living embodiment of the music together,
    dance, from life and wild unnaturally inside.

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