John Butler guitar lesson

This song is called “Just Call” and it’s an old song actually, and in many ways it’s a new song because
I finally finished it but it took, man, it took like 14,15 years finish, so it
started like this: So it started up like that and I had the first verse and then that’s all I had for 15 years and I just couldn’t finish it
until I got it on Garageband, writing beats to it and simple lines and
all the sudden I was able to finish it, but I mean essentially I was stuck from
the top, or the bottom and when I look at it. It’s an open C: C-G-C-G-C-E and it’s a tuning I thought was terrible when I first came across it,
because there’s too many Cs and Gs. It’s one of my favourite tunings. It’s very versatile. Essentially the
rift is, I guess very folky: I mean it sounds like some kind of like a country nursery,
nursery rhyme or something you know, and I guess it’s done in a fingerstyle, it starts in C major so, Essentially I don’t work in scales
or theory at all, Actually I don’t know what key I’m in, if you asked me
right now what this chord was, I could think about it but I couldn’t tell my
head actually see it’s a B but I think that it’s a G I don’t know what
I’m doing there. It sounds nice but, I see patterns essentially that’s how I see
things open C, it has this pattern: It runs across there, it runs across the
major scale. Then it goes: It’s tricky down here: and so I just work in those patterns
everywhere and so this pattern here: It actually goes: It’s a basic pattern. I’m kinda jamming in that pattern. and what am I playing on this hand I’m going: I kinda do this: I don’t know what’s called. both I my hands move. I hit one note on
two strings. I’m sure there’s a technical name for it.

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