50 Replies to “Iridescent (Official Video) – Linkin Park”

  1. We should do a meeting sometimes.
    Like a place where LinkinPark fans can reunite and listen to them songs.
    Even if it's only stereo audio it would help us fans to get along and enjoy our band togheter.
    Are you with me?
    I am from Italy and I would like to do a LP memory meet up once a year…maybe we can do something about it. 😊

  2. The deepest respect to C.H.E.S.T.E.R from our hearts 💕
    Even if you are no longer here, you are in the hearts of billions of people so don't worry and leave the rest to us all
    R.i.P HERO

  3. Some videos including this one… have a ridiculous amount of dislikes for the quality…
    Why are there even dislikes at all?
    I really need a serious answer…
    Does youtube have some kind of algorithm that balances overliked videos in order not to be perfect or what exaclty?

  4. "Do you feel cold and lost in desperation? Do you build up hope but failure is all you know, remember all the sadness and frustration and let it go, and let it go."
    The lyrics that help my dysthima

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