I’m Gay – Eugene Lee Yang

*Breathing noises* *Intense music* *Music intensifies* *Intense music* *Vocalizing with music* *Intense music* *Beat comes in with more vocalizing* *Dance Music* *Music stops*

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  1. I watch this 5 months ago when it first came out and I’m appreciating it so much more now that I’m watching it again. It true art and it’s so beautiful.

  2. can’t believe that this made it onto rewind. its amazing and it’s should get more recognition. though I didn’t like rewind this year lmao

  3. I still can't shake the fact that on 2:57 when the white dressed person is holding a "gun" and two people fell to the floor are the people who got killed by the white dressed person just because of who they are…

  4. I’m gonna be honest, I don’t fully support the community, but that doesn’t mean that anyone who is trans, bi, gay, lesbian, Pans ect. Should ever be exposed to any harassment or bullying. This truly touched my emotions, and although I know where I stand with this, I want people who have mindsets like mine to always remember to judge someone because of who they are, not on the bases of who they are attracted to. If a gay man who was rude and arrogant chooses to commit a murder, I have every right to hold that against them. I can only know if they sorry for the crimes if they repent sincerely. I would treat a straight person the same way.

  5. This was beautiful it truly represents the struggle people in this community have I’m scared to come out to my parents as pansexual because I’m scared they won’t accept me for who I am but I know as long as I have people that support me in this community I think I’ll be ok

  6. Today, 8th of december i came out for the second time (first time my mom thought that im bi and this is just a phase) to my mother. And told her i have a girlfriend. She didn't accept me and im going to cry probably all night, but this gave me hope for the second time. (Last time this was one of the reasons i came out to her) I will come back here everytime i feel unsafe. You give hope. Thank you Eugene Lee Yang.

  7. Is this about him accepting his sexuality or his gender identity? I mean no offense this is a beautiful video I just dont want to assume anything, I see him experimenting with feminine clothes so am confused? Anyway this was really touching regardless of the exact message <3

  8. Look it was a good video, great dancing, amazing costumes and a great message but in this day and age I don't think that being gay is really a big thing. Today if I told any of my friends I was gay they would probably just go "really, that's awesome?!" and then continue doing whatever they were doing. At least that's just my perspective.

  9. Just watched the youtube rewind and was reminded how absolutely beautiful this video was. Had to be my favorite video of the year ❤️ thank you eugene

  10. I remember watching this 5 months ago. I kept replaying it over and over again, getting chills and sobbing every time I watched it. Now, 5 months later, I still react the same way. This video is a beautiful piece of art :’)

  11. As an openly gay lesbian, there is constantly abuse then at me – both physically ad verbally. Now I constantly carry a 5" by 3" a gay flag with me to choke who over crosses me with it 😎

  12. The people who disliked this were trying to press the thumbs up but accidentaly hit the dislike button, and then their device ran out of baterry and died

  13. Why does this have so many dislikes?! I don’t understand!!! Also, Eugene! I love you and your personality! You are so unique, kind and funny! (I watched this like 40 times

  14. Thank you Eugene, seeing you start to accept yourself is truly remarkable and the way you expressed your passion and difficulties in this video is empowering to many people. I have no doubt that when I say "We love you, Eugene." We sure as hell mean it. You are amazing we love you ❤❤❤❤❤

  15. I watch this video whenever I feel insecure about my sexuality. I am bisexual and still very much in the closet. My whole family is Christian and my father is very Homophobic. This video gives me hope that maybe someday I too will find people who love and support who I am.

  16. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something so moving and that resonates and makes me feels as safe as this does in my entire life…

  17. I love this video so much. I love how you can just feel it! Amazing work Eugene, can't wait to see another project of yours! 💖

  18. I'm pretty sure all four of them are gay if not they're overly feminine it's crazy it's like there's a gay Mafia out there and masculinity is not in fuck that shit

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