HOW TO ENTER THE Car Radio’s SECURITY CODE! on Rover 800 R960 Car Radio Cassette Player.

Entering the radio code on a Rover 800 when you switch the radio on the display will say ‘CODE’ now to enter a code you just need button ‘1’ and the ‘left’ and ‘right’ buttons let’s say for example the code on this radio is ‘6789’ well let’s see what first happens when we enter a wrong code! lets say ‘1234’ press button ‘1’ and you will then be able to enter the code use the ‘left’ and ‘right’ buttons until you get to the desired number so ‘1’ then press button ‘1’ again to take you onto the next number take that to ‘2’ then the next one to ‘3’ and the next one to ‘4’ once you have entered the code press button ‘1’ Whoops! and the wrong code has been entered! so the display will say ‘WAIT’ this will say ‘WAIT’ for 60 seconds if you enter a wrong code again, this will double and will become a 2 minute wait after that a 4 minute wait, 8 minute wait, 16 minute wait, 32 minute wait, etc., doubling each time that way it prevents a thief from being easily able to work out the code now i’ll just jump to the next bit… for the waiting time to elapse you must keep both the radio and ignition switched on and so some time later the ‘CODE’ display will come on again so now you can enter the real code which in this case was ‘6789’ so press button ‘1’ to take the first number to ‘6’ and then do the ‘789’ I’ll just hide it to enter my real code instead 6,7,..8,9 let’s say! button ‘1’ and the radio comes on it’s that easy ok, bye!

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  1. Hi everyone who can help .I lost my radio code for rover 45 model year 2000 .If any can help and tell me the code please.
    Thanks you

  2. I find Renault radio code calculator app with all right.

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