How to build an All-Band Ham Radio Vertical with the DX Commander 2018 spec

WARNING – COMPUTER GENERATED SUBTITLES hello and welcome thanks for joining me
my name is Callum from Dax commander well first of all what is a dear it’s
commander well my old band vertical because I have an approach in the pipe
is affected you’re caught wave with a number of 440 meters with a number of
elements additionally joining it to make the
equivalent of a fan dipole but vertical and if you just I just typed the word DX
commander it’s a google image search and that there’s lots of images for its cum
honore you can see my elements here I was out taking a number of shots
published him on the Internet and so on so forth some of them are bit
older to prototype there that was in my back garden and so was that but it ended
up more or less looking like this for the whole of 2017 so what I want to do
is run through the box of goodies that I supply and I want you to use it as
inspiration either to buy my products if you like but by all means go ahead and
build your own if you do build your own and add a courtesy if you’ve got the
inspiration from me I’d be very kind of you to to acknowledge me and with the
words you know m0 MCX inspired orb and a vertical orb and
vertical I don’t mind honestly that’s up to you so let’s head into the Box now
and I’m just going to change that camera angle and I’ll show you exactly what the
bits are right after this section we will head into frequently asked
questions because I get a lot of email and I’m not gonna take don’t send me an
email but you have to appreciate I do have two other businesses I work in an
office during the day and I try and squeeze in dear its commander when I can
but I have had true from the intellectual property office a
certificate of filing trademark so that’s a bit of fun isn’t it so I’m
allowed to put an R in a circle of it up so this is the Box I do if it’s got a
sticker on it it means I packed it there we are
and I you’ll see I mean it I don’t know how I get all this in here it is
this is six inches by six inches by two in new-money 150 by 150 by 60 there
two-and-a-half his nest inches I just managed to get it in there hopefully
some people who are quite excited when they take delivery of their orb and I’m
just going to dissemble they disassemble this and show you what it is so what is
it what’s this hose tubing for I’ll show you that in a minute
you get three packs of these little carabiners and if you’ve gone back
through my films you’ll see that these come in two parts
I’ve male and a female I suppose and they click together so you put your shot
cord or your paracord through a tie a knot and they click that on and that
gives you and a clip a deep lip potato thingy
bingi so that’s good yep three packs so you get 15 you get too many but the
reason you get too many is I’ve noticed if it just supplying off I built these
myself for friends and family and family but and if I just supplied 12 or 13
whatever it is you’ll make a cock up on one and then go damn what do I do now so
that’s why you get that yet it’s about it’s slightly too much 10 meters of
paracord it’s it’s supposed to be 550 paracord and it is very near it I’m
Bittman expert of paracord it’s not quiet American military 550 but it’s 90%
of the way there and it’s black so it should last one son
you also get at the moment that is three male shock cord but that is gonna be
because I mean running out of this I’ve got a hundred beats of four mil shock
cord I so by just over a meter of that slightly too much against every bed
cock-up whatever that’s fine and get some this is blue line he tree looks a
whisk that will fit okay but I could do with the next size up to be honest so he
cut a little bit off you put your element through back down and a kettle
or a flame or hot air gun and a new loop will be permanent then
but only do you loop once you’ve is used to hold it up with a clip and use tape
start with in case you need to adjust the the lense the moment I’m still
supplying some little velcro tabs I don’t know why but it’s I bought a few
hundred of nothing but some people say oh they’re a bit handy for other things
so you get them anyway then I have great difficulty in packing this so these are
eight hose clamps in America in the UK we call these Jubilee clips by the way
they’re different sizes and if you look on that one says 35 to 50 so that will
do that will do your big ones and then the ones that sets a 45 and so on and so
forth up to the smaller ones and what we do in the hose is we undo these and then
slip this aquarium tube slip the aquarium to bond and somewhere in the
destructions I’ve got and I’ll show you a screenshot of this if you go to M 0 MC
X co2 UK which I can’t go to right now because my keyboards down there there’s
big red button for all these guides so I’ll put all that over to the to the
right here this isn’t doesn’t look a lot so far actually all this is mounting up
it terms a price so you want to please a stainless they’re not marine stainless
there is a slight difference if there are marine stainless there would be
three or four pounds each but I managed to get eight in the box without pushing
the price up too much I’ll come to all my water jet cut stuff in a minute so
I’ll make this this is an so2 3:9 and with some hot glue and a little flying
lead and I’ll show you how that works in a minute I’ll just take these cut plates
out everything else is stainless part four
just tip this on the French here so there is normally 18 of these six mill
bolts that stainless get 18 stainless washers and then you get 18 stainless we
nuts you can probably imagine what happens here but simply Jesus with I’m
not gonna get you tighten them up talk these down and once they are talked down
that’s them there forever now the washers are optional but I found
they’re handy for the elements less so for the grounds so what you do is of the
yellow ones you put up to six you put up to six radials I’ve noticed on these and
get your winger ready and you could put one on there now if you just won’t say
20 radials you could put for five to 20 so you could put five fours so you can
put five radials in there and four meters long and you would still have 20
radials or just using four of these connectors I’ll tell you want to go
completely over the top you can even go up and put two of these on so you could
get up to probably six twelve there so one two three four five six seven eight
nine so well over a hundred radials you could fit on there but I think to be
honest you’re wasting your time you read too many books so all that’s all that
stainless right the plates let’s put this back in the box a moment if I’m
lucky it might just all go in I’ve seen something else you get you also get this is ten mill and we can
hardly see that there aquarium tube I just chopped a bit off and that goes
right over the top of the pole all the way down to about a meter and a half and
it perfectly holds you 40 meter element in place without using electrical tape
and the people have been following me for the last year will notice that I’ve
been working to a solution to cut any electrical tape out so this is the
bottom plate and we’ve got a screenshot of that way you’ve seen it there but
this is the new version so this is the slightly upgraded version it’s got a
longer tab here so this this bend over is longer is one of my new ones isn’t it
feels a bit small several okay yep yep it’s one of my new ones yeah this
because it’s longer and now but what I have done is I’ve moved the rate radial
radiation reixach for care but goal it’s all the time but the the radiating plate
if you know what I mean a bit the bit where all the elements fit on I’ve made
that much bigger so that’s now just under 150 mil wide which means we’ve got
a wider spacing on all the elements so how this would work and quite simply is
that well I won’t take this nut off here that goes in that way then you take that
not at nut on nuts off screw it in there and you’ll notice that there’s a hole
here which I’ve forgotten to thread that one oh no I’m gonna get some complaints
better whip to the office tomorrow that doesn’t have a thread on it I’m just
mister out for some reason anyway so obviously that goes in the bottom in the
pole that one goes next up and this little flying lead connects the center
of the so2 390 all yet all your elements and isolates two two together they’re
not too expensive the expensive bit is this 8 mil thick nylon which is pretty
substantial to be honest I mean can’t but you know we’re getting on way over a
quarter of an inch thick we’re eight milli is halfway between
probably a quarter inch and a half an inch thick and I’m just really pleased
with these absolutely fantastic that slips on now I’ve noticed that the
inside diameter of the main die plate the reason why this is so thick is that
I put quite quite a lot of tension on the three the three holes here and the
original one which i think is five or six mil used to start to bend a bit and
I didn’t like the look of it so I went the are up to eight mil it’s it’s a
ridiculous price to be honest it’s proper engineering plastic and it should
last you know forever really so doesn’t say something else yes and
the inside diameter is exactly the same specifications as a mark one but I have
noticed that it’s a bit of a tight fit so you might wanna take me of emery
paper just actually put it in hot water to be free and then this is five mil
that goes with a 5 metre point and all your elements connect to that with the
with the clippings here and then right at the top you’ve got this I call it a
double eye because it slips at about six point eight seven meters high and you
got your 40 meter runs through it with a little loop beforehand a bit of bungee
cord just to keep the tension all the way to there and 30 meters should just
clip on the other side and then 40 meter comes up give it a bit of a tension over
and then put the aquarium tube at the the 10 min aquarium tube there we are
right I ever switch you off from it we’re getting some frequently asked
questions and let me repack the bag so um frequently asked questions I get
asked a lot of questions on email and I thought I covered them here so the first
one is how do you make the loop on the 40 meter section well I’m sure you could
see on here I’ve done a 1 before I basically go up make the loop and then
carry on again with a bit of hot glue shrink wrap so that’s that’s all that
all that loop is for the 40 meter one the other one is is how many radials do
I need and I’ve done I’ve done it before but if you used about 28th wave so about
8% tube 3 minute but 10 to 16 3 meter long radials it would work but I
thoroughly recommend you watch that film and you check the research from Rudy
sevens and I refer to in this article can I make a or bare vertical with
elevated ground radials yes you can I’ve never done it
Rudy sevens again I just happened to come across this guy actually says you
cannot just throw up any 4 radials and get the expected results I suggest you
read that before you do it do I need a ballon how do you know I never actually
used a ballon on my vertical because it’s the I just don’t have done it I
have made a Balan for that purpose I don’t he’s gonna do me much good other
than the fact that I won’t have that current on the outside of the coax
coming all the back to the shack but there’s nothing wrong with a long piece
of coax with a choke and then back to Shaq you don’t need to choke at the feed
point the other one is hey can I take 2dx come on the orb and verticals and
phase them together you can but it won’t work it would only work on the frequency
of the dependent frequency you’re working on so if it’s of 240 meters
across waves you need effectively about ten and a half meters distance so you
can’t get all the different quarter waves working together it’s just not
that’ll work will they outperform a vert dipole
it depends watch the film do you research can I glue it not use hose
clamps I’ve done it and one section in the last month I’m told by James where
it’s on a long-term test which is this one multiband long-term test it came
loose so he’s reglued it and we’ll see how it is in the summer so will it work
permanently into my back garden we’ve got one on long term tests there’s
fiberglass rot probably not what not die use I’ve made a film how to tie off your
wire antennas and you supply d-10 yes I do not forever I’m trying to source some
wire and I’m running out and and the d-10 wire that I supplies of variable
quality so I’m after something that will work there it may be that you supply on
in the kit for my truck the price down and you supply any old wire I don’t know
yet but I’m still supplying Y but anyway I’ll do out if it’s twisted together
wire how do you untwist them I’ve made a film about how to do that and that’s the
building of multiband ham radio antenna dx1 a part one you’ll see that in there
and is there anything at the end no that was about it so that’s my frequently
asked questions I hope I have been of some inspiration to you this aerial for
me I absolutely look forward to going on holiday in taking this with me because
honestly it’s the best aerial I’ve got I’ve got lots of aerials I’ve got a Rat
Pack six way switch Hill all sorts of stuff in the back garden and right now I
don’t have a DX commander all been vertical out there and it’s really
annoying me to have every band without lots of coax runs and everything is just
for instance whisper you can put it on a schedule all the way from 80 meters up
to up to 10 and it doesn’t need only just switch aerials nothing I absolutely
love my holidays for the for the pleasure of getting on
getting on the air with this vertical and of course getting on 80 meters as
well with the inverter now is even better so trust that’s giving you some
inspiration a very good day thanks for tuning in if you’ve enjoyed this film
please like and subscribe if you haven’t enjoyed this film you’ve got it please
like and subscribe thanks a lot bye bye now

26 Replies to “How to build an All-Band Ham Radio Vertical with the DX Commander 2018 spec”

  1. if i did it would only be right to do so.
    i am going to redo my antenna could well be in need form some wire that you use.
    73s martin M6LKD

  2. Great stuff, I have yet to use mine !! But I now have the pole for the back of the car so will get out soon… Self employment kills my time.. 🙁

  3. Well explained Sir, I have been following your Videos since you started posting on you tube. I have nothing but wire antennas here (working 160-6meters) but no verticals. I would love to try a DX Commander here but your to far for shipping. And as a disabled vet I can not or have the ability to make my own ant., have to buy them and get help putting them up. Never the less I enjoy the videos and am looking forward to the 1/2 square antenna when you do it. thank you de w3les

  4. Looking at the DX wire site I have a fibreglass mast where the diameter is 55mm. Do you have the kit to fit that or will that have to be specially made?

  5. Smashing video Callum. Loads of good stuff as usual. I see that Johnny K5ACL gave you a shout out the other day… did you ever manage to get in touch with him using FT8 (or did I miss it…)? Cheers, Cliff

  6. Callum if i figured this price right the DX Commander is $1,313.13 US Dollars…+ shipping and no mast??….. to bad there is an ocean between us. So as much as I want to try one I'm sorry that's way to much money for a great wire Kit like yours. But I will continue to watch your Videos and hope to catch you the Bands some time though. 73 "Cheers & Beers Mate" mmm maybe just buy the parts one at a time….

  7. Have read a lot of posts on FB and other forums about "Postage stamp gardens" and have directed people towards DX Commander as a result, but just to satisfy my own curiosity, in a postage stamp environment, do you think that buried twilweld/chicken wire/mesh would work instead of multiple 3-4mtr radials?
    Regards, Paul M3EYG

  8. Thank you for the videos and helping to respark my goal of being a HAM. After 20+ years I took my test. Passed and just got my Technical ticket and call sign. I’m not done with advancing my license but wanted to say thank you to you and your videos. Soon as I get my General or Extra class I plan on getting me a DX Commander and hopefully getting to make contact is you from across the pond. Your videos are always so informative and you are an excellent example in my eyes as to what an amateur radio operator should be like. Take every chance to help us learn while even making me chuckle along the way.
    Some day soon you will hear me on the air but until then 73

    KG5WTX – newbie 1/10/18


  9. Good re-cap video, thanks Cal! Any experience of rain/snow/low cloud static and using a static bleed resistor between the two plates to reduce the effect? A very easy thing to incorporate into your kit for sure. I am starting to experiment with SBR. Also wondered if all those wing-nuts, washers, screws/bolts and fork connectors in the kit-box would benefit from being put in a plastic bag! Best regards, HNY. Nick

  10. Like tô now IF i can work on 80m mabe another wire or doble 40m wire and make L inverted?

  11. Hi, regarding phasing of two vertical antennas – it is possible with switched delay lines made of coax with different(switched) lenght. I think it would work for your antennas.
    Great videos btw. vy 73 Piotr SP9ODL

  12. Callum.
    You mentioned how you make the loop in the 40M element but you didn't say how much wire in length you added for it…

  13. I have a 12m spiderbeam pole Do you have a kit that works with that pole or are they designed to work strictly with your masts

  14. Callum , enjoy your videos. Do you use your 40m wire for 15m or do make a separate wire for 15? Or would a 16m wire with tuner work both 15 and 17. Thanks, Frank KI7MJU

  15. I have ordered one of your DX Commander antennas, just waiting for the Post Office to ship it from the UK to Hawaii now. I have watched all of your videos on this topic, but I am still extremely nervous about building this antenna as I am not very handy, lol. So far everything I have tried to build has been a complete failure, so I gave up on building things and I would rather help the economy by keeping other people employed building the equipment that I purchase ready to use. Hopefully, I will be able to figure this one out and make it work without messing it up. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  16. Hi there Callum. Carry on the good work mate. Hope all is well with you and yours. p.s if you run out of D10 have a look on Salisbury Plain. I bet there is still loads of the stuff still laying about
    that was never recovered by the army. Mind that there is no live firing going on Hi Hi. 73 de John – G0WXU.

  17. You have so much drive concede ring you run other businesses as well a real inspiration to others to get out n get on 👍ps 8mm is 5/16" or 10/32" yes I'm an aircraft engineer and as anal as you in my getting things right lol as my old supervisor used to say " if it looks right it probably is right " 🤘 cheers Callum.

  18. It works !!
    Back home from our VE2/ qsy in Canada (using my little pole with three wires in Gaspesie province)… I've just put my home made Call'Antenna after adding a second wire spreader cause of the wind here in Gascony, twisting time to time the antenna wires. First try S9A in the log with 15w on 17m.. Tks again 73 F5NHJ

  19. Great video. I think it’s cool that you are so willing to help people build it themselves. You’re a good guy. I’ve been watching You for years.. I’ve learned a lot. 73 KC1ANR Boston

  20. Fibre glass poles de-laminate as the coating usually fails after a number of years. My fishing pole support for my inverted L has been up 13 years, and now needs replacing, delaminated and slowly splitting apart. Great video's, like the idea of one vertical for many bands.

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