Hayley Kiyoko Opening Speech | Women in Music

– Hello, everyone. Hi, everyone, good evening. My name is Hayley Kiyoko. I am so excited to be
here with you tonight. Last year, I was here getting
the Rising Star Award, and I was just a hot, sobbing mess. This year, I am contractually obligated to keep it together, so there we go. Plus, this is great practice
for my very first show at the Palladium in March, so… (audience cheering) You’re all invited. The gays will be waiting. I’m so grateful for the
women in our community that made space for me, and let me know that they have my back as I continue to carve my path in this industry. I’m so honored to be
here with you tonight, so thank you for having me to celebrate the power of that support and the inspiration we women
provide for each other. The artists in this room have taught me a few things about girls. They just wanna have fun. (audience cheering) They do. All of the good ones go to hell. (audience cheering) They do. And girls like girls, so there we go. We, as women, have become
increasingly creative, despite the challenges that we all face, fighting the pain with our power and joyously celebrating
exactly who we are. Out of necessity, we have
made music that is bolder, braver, more emotional, and
more exciting than ever. We have been prolific. So there you go. (audience applauds) In 2019, more female rappers debuted on the Hot 100 than any year before. (audience cheering) We have collaborated. Our Trailblazer honoree, Brandi Carlile, is somewhere in here.
(audience cheering) (laughs) Co-founded the powerhouse Highwomen and co-produced Tanya Tucker’s new album. This year, Deb Dugan was
named the president and CEO of the Recording Academy,
the first woman to do so. (audience cheering) We have broken boundaries. Ladies and gentlemen, we
have broken boundaries. Women aren’t given the same
space in the industry as men. We’re underrepresented as
producers, songwriters, label heads, even as performing
artists in country radio. But we see each other, and we are helping each other be seen. With cultural and technological shifts, corporate investments, and
new distribution models such as Spotify and YouTube. Women like Dawn Ostroff and Susan Wojcicki have
taken the strategic lead. All of these combined efforts
have made our relationships with fans stronger, and in return, have given fans the ability to connect with us on a deeper level. We are collectively
making sure the next group of young women welcomed
onto this stage have all the freedom, acceptance, access, and opportunity that they deserve. And as I was writing
this speech, my dad said, “The world is our oyster, “and we are making nothing
but big beautiful pearls.” So there you go. (audience applauds) So tonight wouldn’t be
possible without YouTube music. (audience cheering) As our exclusive presenting sponsor, they are part of giving
women the stage literally. Let’s give them a big thank you for providing us this space
and time to lift each other up. (audience cheering)

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  1. I love hayley kiyoko so much, and this was sad to watch for the crowd is SO DEAD during her speech. But i think its cause she is reading off the teleprompter, so it isnt a genuine, from the heart speech
    Thats what hits people and gets their reaction, not when you are reading a script unfortinately :/
    Regardless of it all, still so proud of her!!!πŸ’™

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