Guitar Homework: How to practice BARRE Chords (ENGLISH SUBS)

Good day and how is it going guys my name is Sid Pablo Today im going to teach you how to practice your barre chords using the methods that I will teach you today in this video. We will use four basic chords. The E major, E minor A Major and A minor. So basically this is the first step. We will not be using the common fingerings instead we will be mimicing the (E Major) bar chord which is this. So where will the index finger go? the index will lay on the strings behind the nut like this Place your thumb as centered as possible on the neck The third step is to release the index finger and keep strumming the guitar . The index finger could go on and off making the 2nd and 3rd step very repetitive as much as possible Then the fourth (and last) step is to move your chord half step forward for you to try and play the chord What is the purpose of this practice? It is to strengthen our fingers that holds the E (Major)chord which is the middle finger the ring finger, and the small finger and making sure the thumb is in the right position making sure every note rings which is important. And now on this barre chord (position) we are developing grip power as much as possible. If your hands feel tired, it is necessary to stop for at least 5 minutes. So as to avoid injuring your hand. It is important that you can play guitar forever. Your hands wont be playing barre chords all the time. So it goes the same with the E minor instead of using traditional fingering we will use the barre chord (finger)positions which is…. Pretty similar, keeping the thumb centered and the barre behind the nut. We are on our third step. Off then lay it again then maybe off the strings, and then move it forward. just check and see if everything rings Same with the A (Major), nothing has changed lets just assume the position like before, placing the index finger behind the nut It is like an A barre chord, with the index finger behind t he nut With the A (Major), for instance, its very hard to bar Often times, i bar the strings like these using one finger for the whole A chord and then bar the chord then move it up If it rings then its OK, but if youre having trouble using this technique, dont fret because it is normal due to its awkward position by your finger. But if you can manage to let it ring. Just avoid getting injured because that would be terrible. As much as possible (do this) make it clearer but if you cant do it, just bar the other notes. Same with the A minor . So with the A minor instead of your normal fingerings, ill swap it with a bar chord shape (2nd step) then 3rd step and move up My tip would be just to keep practicing these chord shapes. If you have any questions with regards to basic guitar stuff and what is my approach to those Just leave your comments down below and if you like this video just hit the like button. Subscribe if you may and turn on the notification bell, if you would like to get updates on guitar lessons that ill create in the near future I would like to thank you guys for your support Anyways, thanks for watching and see you later guys

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  1. By the way, i forgot to tel to keep strumming the guitar. Strum it as slow and as light as possible keeping your fingerings in check. How do you find this video? Let me know in the comments below. Thank ls so much

  2. Very helpful sa mga nag uumpisa ng barre chords. Easy to follow at madali intindihin. Mag aantay ako hanggang sa solo lesson na lumabas. Will have my students check this lesson. Nice sir

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