100 Replies to “GUARANTEED TO MAKE YOUR DOG HOWL Sound Effect”

  1. GUARANTEED TO MAKE YOUR DOG HOWL Sound Effect try the new one as well here!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTYOnYeD4kk&list=PL9k3WjUl3y5H-grfs6cNVgHKawL1jQ-z5

  2. My dog does howl rarely but not to this. Instead she bit and jumped on me. She knocked my phone away and now since I stoped she instantly stopped and calmed down

  3. I played this video to my dog, she looked at me and turned her head c u t e 👁👄👁 and then just carried on looking at lion king 3 lol

  4. I thought it said “guaranteed “ to make your dog howl, though most of the comments is that their dog just looking at them lol

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