26 Replies to “Fleet Foxes – Tiger Mountain Peasant Song (Cover)”

  1. This always gives me an otherworldly feeling. I love when they look off behind them and smile like someone on the path heard them, it's just such a genuine little moment.

  2. So beautiful…it looks like, feels and sounds like it was recorded late 1960s..I expect to see CSN&Y stroll up from the cabin grom the cover of DeJa vu album.

  3. How I know them?

    First I watch rusamilitan concert, then found rusamilitan sang mykonos as a cover. Then I start listening Fleet Foxes, and then First Aid Kit showed up.

    2019 is still a good time for this song. 🤘🤘🤘

  4. One of the best covers that I have ever heard. Makes me want to go back in the years and sit with the girls at that exact time.

  5. The band name its quite fitting since you melted my heart with this ethereal rendition of an otherwise gorgeous masterpiece. I do indeed a need a First Aid Kit, or some medical attention to cope with this stunning cover. Even after a decade after I first heard it it still sends shivers down my spine. This is art folks!

  6. D~man. 💀
    G~man 🌏
    🌳man. Samilar difference~ish

    Sweet sounds of harmony swinging in their taylor made 🏡treehouse 👀🦌🌱🌱🌱🌱 even my grass hairs and moss were swayin""" watch again you will see 👀

  7. this video means so much to me. i first heard it when i was 8. my older sister showed it to me, and we would always sing this cover together. now it’s 11 years later, and i cry every time i hear this. it brings back precious memories.

    i’m sending this to her right now. i’m sure it’ll brighten her day 💛

  8. I love Fleet Foxes and First Aid Kit. Me and my sister are both singers but we just can't get along long enough to do things like this together… I wiiiiiish I had a band or something hahaha

  9. Still gives me goosebumps even after all these years, still love them now, they blew away the original version by miles!

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