FCK.FM Girl Cory: A very personal fan message for 2020 – Radio FCK.FM –Hardrock, Metal & Girls

All righty, hey everyone, this is Cory one of the FCK.FM Girls here from Florida wanting to wish you all a very happy new year. I am here to give you guys a heads up that 2020 is going to be a very awesome decade not only for the FCK.FM Girls, not only for myself and my fellow ladies, but as well as the radio station itself. We are on Twitter, Facebook Instagram, if you are not following, if you are not subscribed, please hit follow, please hit subscribe please like us, please comment, please share, please do all that cool stuff, because I know you guys will. Feel free anytime to give me and the girls a shout out, a hello you know we don’t bite,… well… some of
us don´t bite… I´m bite.. A quick shout out to Hans thank you so much, he has been a real trooper, he has been so kind, so patient an amazing person to work with, please
feel free to give the man behind the page a shout out as well. Thank you all for the support, hopefully we continue to get major support from you all this year, we’re really looking forward to it so please stay tuned and let’s all hope for
a great new year, so stay metal

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