Every Indie Video Cliche In One [Parody Music Video]

# Do you like my hair? Do you like my tattoos? Well that’s none of your business, and no one asked you. I got this one in Shoreditch, this one at Download, This one means “pain” and this one’s in Biro, Now I’m in black and white to hide bad cinematography, Now I’m on a bike. Now I have a drink # What, I like Carlsberg. Tastes good. # Now, I’m in a car, (whoooa) I’m in a car Corruption and lies, bigotry and greed, Wake up sheeple, don’t be so naive, Politicians and the music business, All out to get us, (We just signed a record deal!) Screw all the haters, Now I kiss myself in the mirror, Look outside at rain, Money doesn’t make me a sell-out, I have rent and cocaine, I once kissed a guy, homophobes beware, (No one thinks you’re gay, and nobody cares) I once kissed a bloke, (No you didn’t, we were there) I’m in a car. These rhymes are easy, You could even say cheesy, Our drummer is queasy, Our bassist plays a Peavey. My band-mates all hate me, (We’re artistic) I’m always drunk, (Slow motion) Ex-girlfriends adore me, (Selective colour) Now I’m in a car, (That’s his mum’s car) These rhymes are easy, You could even say cheesy, I wear my heart on my sleevey, My dad’s name is Malcolm, (Hello Malcolm)

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