that's a full rainbow all the way double rainbow oh my god double rainbow it's a double rainbow all the way down it's a double rainbow all the way yeah this is me and so right so if it's the double rainbow double rainbow it's this is me and it's starting even look like a triple rainbow that's a whole rainbow all the way so intense don't so I got it I can capture it on my wall away Oh that is the baddest fucking rainbow I've ever seen rainbow all the plain sky and so intense don't go Wow check out the original double rainbow video here and don't forget to subscribe

50 Replies to “DOUBLE RAINBOW SONG!!”

  1. The sing portion at the end has stuck in my head for sooo many years. It pops into my head whenever I get down.

  2. I first knew about this song about this once arcade game in starcraft2 called Zerg run or something. I’m looking forward to play it again but I can’t never find it anymore

  3. 9 years ago… i watched this when i was 11 and even at that age i didn't regret watching all this weird stuff XD

  4. My friend once showed me this song all the way back in 2010 and it's never left my head.
    Today I finally saw a double rainbow. My life is complete

  5. This nearly has more views than the original double rainbow video! C'mon people 7 million more views and were at are point!!!!

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