65 Replies to “Dolly Parton Sings “Coat of Many Colors” – Dolly Parton: 50 Years at the Opry”

  1. Damit, that's how it's done! No autotune, no synthesizers, no army of engineers filtering every note… just talent.

    Dolly Parton does the best version of Rock Top I've ever heard.

  2. There will Never be anyone that can sing like Dolly
    she has such a beautiful and distinct voice that can't ever be copied by anyone

  3. La amo. Que talento tiene con la guitarra y con qué dulzura usa su voz para contar grandes historias. Me encanta la música country

  4. Dolly you are amazing loved you since i was 6years old you changed my life your an ANGEL ON EARTH I WILL ALWAS LOVE YOU

  5. I love this song so much🥰❤ it's my most favorite song of Dollys and it's one of those songs for me that I can play repeatedly but never get tired of😊❤

  6. We were in Nashville during this show but was unable to get tickets do to scalpers who had bought up the tickets and sold them for over 1000.00

  7. Oh how our current society could learn from the words and wisdom within these lyrics. Thanks Dolly for showing us it's ok to value love of our parents more than materialism.

  8. She must have sung that song thousands of times but she still is mesmerizing when she sings it. A very special talented lady

  9. God Bless you, Dolly! You truly are a living legend and I always tear up when I hear this song. It reminds me of my own Mama who passed in October of 2014. We played your albums over and over and this song was always so close to our hearts. Thank you!

  10. I cried alot when i first heard this song….I can’t relate to it but her voice have so much conviction and she rocks until now…50 years + ….THAT’S A LEGEND RIGHT THERE

  11. I will never understand how Dolly can play guitar with those long nails! I have to cut mine like every 4 days to play comfortably

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