23 Replies to “Defunctland: The History of Disneyland's America Sings”

  1. I knew exactly what was coming as soon as the disclaimer popped up, and when it turned out I was right, I felt so nauseous. What happened to Debbie was so horrible. Thank you for putting up the disclaimer and being really respectful about it.

  2. I was actually there…
    When I was 4 years old I was so excited to visiting Disney Land!
    My mom suggested we go to America Sings, which we did, but it was a huge mistake
    We were enjoying the show until it went pitch black
    I was afraid of the dark but I became more terrified when I heard a scream, the scream of Debby Stone
    I did not know what happened, but i saw the tragic dead body of Debbie Stone
    My mom says that we are never going back to America Sings ever again
    I few days later…
    I saw Debbie’s grave stone and I was really sad and hope, this will never happen again
    (I saw this from some body else and it’s not about me)

  3. Song of the South is a great movie. The outrage over it is very overdramatic. People actively seek things to be offended about. The movie is sweet and touching and now the only way to watch it is to pirate it.

  4. I love how respectfully you handled Debbie's unfortunate death, and you have handled the topic the best out of anyone I have seen. I also really want them to bring America Sings back so bad!

  5. Loved Carousel of Progress… hated America Sings! Thank you for all the great videos. All of your Disneyland nostalgia means so much to me ❤️

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